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Tower Hamlets Friends of Labor held a local government election victory celebration


Muhammed Shahed Rahman :


Tower Hamlets Friends of Labor organized a local government election victory celebration in East London.

On Thursday (4 May 2023) local government elections held across Britain saw a celebration of the Labor Party’s landslide victory.

On the initiative of Tower Hamlets Friends of Labour, last Monday (8 May 2023) in the hall of a local restaurant in Tower Hamlets under the chairmanship of Tower Hamlets Friends of Labour’s core coordinator Dr. Anichur Rahman and Najma Hussain, Hamida Idris, Shaheda Rahman and Tower Hamlets Labor Group Leader Councilor Sirajul Islam was present as the chief guest in the event held under the joint presentation of Anwar Miah.

Former leader Helal Uddin Abbas was present as the main speaker.

Councilor Sirajul Islam said in the meeting, the result of this election will affect the next election, this time if we work together, the Labor Party will be able to achieve their strong victory in other councils as well. Former leader Helal Abbas said, if we work together we can achieve success in any work. The Labor Party gained 635 new councilors across the country in the last 4 elections and won a further 23 new councils.

The Tories, on the other hand, failed in 50 of their councils. If we can maintain this continuity, it is possible to ensure the victory of the Labor party in the next election and for this we have to work together. Former Speaker Khales Uddin Ahmed, former Mayor Salim Ullah, former Mayor Matinuzzaman, former Speaker Victoria Abhaji, Chip Whip Councilor Sabina Akhtar gave speeches. , Councilor James King, Former Councilor Helal Uddin, Former Councilor Mamun Rashid, Former Councilor Kahar Chowdhury, Former Councilor Tariq Khan, Former Councilor Shah Suhail Amin, Councilor Mahfuz Farooq, Councilor Sabina Khan, Councilor Lutfa Rahman, Bangladesh Center General Secretary Delwar Hussain, Anwar Punekar, Zakir Hussain Jahangir, Rafiq Ullah, Ansarul Haque, Human Rights Activist Anshar Ahmed Ullah, Barrister Abu Sufian, Ali Ahmed Bebul, Husnay Ara Mateen, Former Councilor Ruhul Alam, Ashiq Rahman, Journalist Nazmul Hussain, Journalist Abbas Zaman, Shah Mustafizur Rahman Belal, Suez Mia, Kamrun Nahar, Shiuli Sarkar, Mahmuda Begum, Abul Hussain, Faisal Ahmed, Shakeel Ahmed, Saimul, Misbah Masum, Abul Kashem.