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Roshan welcomes fatherhood just 18 days after wedding

Actor Roshan tied the knot on the 6th of this month and, surprisingly, became a father on the 24th, merely 18 days after the wedding. While some may find it unexpected, there’s nothing truly astonishing about this timeline.

Actually, a private ceremony was held on June 11, 2020, at Roshan’s Uttara residence where Roshan and Tahsina Esha exchanged their vows discreetly. However, their privacy was compromised recently. On May 6, a wedding reception was arranged at a prestigious restaurant in the capital, attended by close family members from both sides. Notably, Tahsina Esha, Roshan’s wife, is currently in the eighth month of her pregnancy.

To avoid any confusion, they decided to publicly announce their marriage before the child’s birth. Recently, Roshan’s wife, Tahsina Esha, gave birth to a baby girl at a private hospital in the capital on Wednesday, May 24, at 11 am. Roshan himself confirmed the news, stating that both mother and daughter are in good health. While the girl’s name is yet to be finalized, Roshan plans to announce it during the Akika ceremony. Overwhelmed with the unique feeling of fatherhood, Roshan requests everyone’s prayers for his daughter.