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PM Sheikh Hasina seeks vote for ‘boat’ from expatriate Bangladeshis

Prime Minister and Awami League President Sheikh Hasina has sought vote for her party’s electoral symbol “Boat” in the next general election from Bangladeshi expatriates working abroad for the country’s continued development.

She put the people of Bangladesh on alert so that no looters can assume power again to destroy the country.

“We want cooperation from you all alongside seeking vote for the boat to continue the country’s advancement towards prosperity,” she said while addressing a civic reception accorded to her by Bangladeshi expatriates in South Africa on Thursday, BSS reports.

The Prime Minister called upon expatriate Bangladeshis to look into the matter so that the indomitable pace of the country’s development could not be hampered.

“Don’t leave the country to the grips of looters, otherwise it will be destroyed and make sure that the country’s journey towards development continues without any disruption,” she said.

The Prime Minister said the countrymen have got the country’s independence and become economically solvent by casting vote for the boat while they got looting, corruption and killing by giving vote to BNP.

“We’re doing politics for welfare of the people, staying beside them in their bad times and changing their fortunes, “she said, adding that on the contrary the BNP-Jamaat clique is doing politics of burning people to death, making money through corruption, smuggling of firearms, money laundering, looting and destruction.

The government already brought back some money that was siphoned off by two sons of Khaleda Zia while the rest of the money was freezed, she said.

The premier said she doesn’t know from where they are getting money using which they have again started destruction by setting fire on police vehicles and passenger buses.

“This time, the people of the country will not spare them if they do excess,” she said, adding that the BNP-Jamaat clique have compelled to stop arson terrorism from 2013-2015 in which 500 people were burnt to death alive due to people’s protest.

The Prime Minister said Khaleda Zia was sentenced due to embezzlement of the orphans money, her son Tarique Zia was convicted in the August 21, 2004 grenade attack case, 10-truck arms haul case, and graft case while Tarique’s wife was convicted in graft case.

The convicts are the top leaders of the BNP and they are doing politics keeping them in the forefront, she said.

“The people will not vote for them. The people will not vote for the BNP to come to power. The masses will not bring the arson terrorists in power again,” she said.

The Prime Minister said once upon a time Bangladesh was considered as a poor and natural disaster prone country, but now the world recognised Bangladesh as a role model for development due to her government’s tireless efforts.

She said the Awami League government has transformed Bangladesh into a digital one and has been working to make the country developed, prosperous and Smart Bangladesh by 2041.

Giving a brief description of her government measures to ensure the country’s overall socio-economic advancement, she said they have been able to make Bangladesh into a developing nation from the least developed one and the country.

The Prime Minister called upon the expatriate Bangladeshis to make investment in Bangladesh to join hands in making the country a developed one.

She urged the expatriates to send money to the country through banking channels alongside requesting them not go abroad for jobs with fake certificates which hampers both the job seekers and the government.

The Prime Minister said the expatriates can do business in Bangladesh upon their return to home after taking a loan without any guarantee from the Expatriates’ Welfare Bank.

She also said one can go abroad for jobs after taking a loan from the bank.

South African Unit Awami League President Dr Lutfor Rahman Rupok spoke at the function while its General Secretary Abdul Awal Tansen moderated it.