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Unplanned footover bridges are not useful for pedestrian crossing?

Matiar Chowdhury:


In every country of the world, “footover bridges” or pedestrian crossing bridges are made for easy crossing of roads and highways or busy roads in big cities. By using which common pedestrians can cross the road safely. In every country of the world there are countless footover bridges. In our country too, numerous “footover bridges” have been built in major cities and towns of the country including the capital Dhaka Footover bridges can be seen in every city in the country, including the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka and Sylhet It is sad but true that the footover bridges built at the cost of crores of rupees in Bangladesh are of no use to the public.
Rather, these pedestrian crossing bridges have increased the suffering of people. No one uses these pedestrian crossing bridges built with the tax money of the citizens, Many accidents happen every day while crossing roads quickly without using bridges. Who is responsible for these questions? Some blame the concerned city authorities while others blame the bureaucratic complications. If I say that the concerned designers or engineers responsible for these things will not be wrong. There are many engineers in our country who prepare construction plans on the advice of contractors, they never think about the country.

Before constructing these pedestrian bridges in Britain, America or other developed countries of the world, the physically disabled, elderly and disabled people are thought of. These are designed keeping in mind. In the footover bridges built in Bangladesh, elderly people or those who walk with the help of a crutch or wheelchair users cannot use these pedestrian bridges. As I was writing, I remembered a Sylhet fraje – “One time I gave smoke, another time I gave it, and it eats the mosquito. In Dhaka and Sylhet, I have seen elderly people, wheel chair users and no mother with her baby can climb the footover bridge with children in pushchairs. Then in whose interest are these things being done, no answer can be found.There is no lack of sincerity of the present government in public interest or So why the waste of public money in the name of development?

development work, it is available as soon as the project is submitted for development work. Dhaka’s footover bridges are a death trap. If it rains a little, there is no way to step on the stair or stairs of the footover bridge, you have to slip. It is necessary to design with a little thought like abroad. As it reduces wastage, it will be useful for all.
Footover bridges in Britain are made of light castings with slopes on steel sheets without steps. Through which everyone including the physically disabled and wheel chair users can easily cross with a bicycle. Three foot over bridges of Bangladesh and London are shown with this article. I believe our engineers will design it for everyone’s use and keeping public interest in mind. Pedestrians will benefit from this and the country’s money will be saved. These slope designed footover bridges are very cost effective and durableThe footover bridges that have been built in different parts of the country will be useful for everyone if the steering is removed and spooled. Even if it costs little, it will benefit the public. And if you want to build a new one, if you design it with this idea in mind, you will save the country’s money and everyone’s suffering will be reduced.
The work of upgrading the national highways to six lanes in Sylhet and Rangpur divisions is in progress. Overbridges of several feet will be constructed on these highways. These will be used by the elderly, physically disabled, farmers, workers and students. Jizain workers will keep this in mind so that the common people of the village can cross with their domestic animals.
On the other hand, the work of Airport to Gazipur BRT line is going on. On this road, 25 stations are being built in the middle of the road for BRT buses. Several foot overbridges are being constructed on this road and escalators are being installed at the stations. These escalators will be closed at least three times per month due to mechanical problems. Slope design footover bridges should be constructed at stations without moving stairs. In this, common people will not have to pay additional trouble like tax money. I believe proper authorities along with city planner engineers will think about the matter.

Caption: Pedestrian cross bridge between Dhaka and London in picture.
.(Matiar Chowdhury-London-29 February 2024.)