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GM Quader holds meeting with US envoy Peter Haas

Leader of the Opposition in parliament and Jatiya Party (JaPa) Chairman GM Quader has held a meeting with US Ambassador to Dhaka Peter D Haas.

They held an hour-long meeting at the US Embassy in Dhaka on Wednesday (March 6) afternoon. The meeting continued till 4:00pm starting at 3:00pm.

GM Quader was accompanied by his political adviser Mashrur Mowla. Asked about the meeting, Mashrur Mowla told reporters that they held a courtesy meeting and discussed various issues. They also discussed about the Jatiya Party’s possition as the opposition party in parliament.

Meanwhile, posting a photo, the US Embassy in Dhaka writes on its Facebook page:

Pleased to meet with Jatiya Party’s G.M. Quader, MP, and Leader of the Opposition. The United States remains committed to the people of Bangladesh on promoting democracy, transparency, tolerance, good governance, and respect for human rights. We value dialogue with all, across the political spectrum.