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Law passed in the British Parliament: Bangladeshis and illegal immigrants are being sent to Rwanda


By Matiar Chowdhury:


Despite the objections of some human rights organizations

and opposition parties, the criticized "Rwanda Bill" was passed by the British Parliament. As

a result of the passing of this bill illegal immigrants who have received asylum in Britain will

have to go to the Central African country of Rwanda.

The bill was passed by the British Parliament on Monday. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

confirmed this information on Tuesday (April 23) morning. He said this step is to stop the

migrants from making dangerous crossings as well as to break the criminal gangs. This bill

makes it clear that anyone who has entered the UK illegally will not be able to stay here. He

also said that the first flight with migrants to Rwanda could leave in mid-July.

The bill was suspended for five months in the face of objections from opposition parties. Now

just waiting for it to become law. Britain signed a five-year agreement with the Rwandan

government in April 2022. According to the agreement Rwanda will host migrants in the

country for five years in return for financial assistance from the British government. Britain

also promised to pay more for their resettlement.

Meanwhile the Rwanda bill has been described as inhumane by various human rights

organizations in Britain and the international community. But ordinary Britsh welcomed the

bill. On Tuesday both the UN refugee agency and the Council of Europe called on Britain to

reconsider its plans. Because the law undermines human rights protections and is feared to

undermine international efforts to tackle the global migration crisis.

It should be noted here that many people die every year in boat sinkings to cross the English

Channel illegally to enter Britain. Not only that many people enter Britain in the hope of a

better life and apply for political asylum in Britain with false documents. Britain, a country of

human rights cannot easily reject it.

Thus, in the last few years, about two million people from various countries in Asia and

Africa including Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, have sought political asylum. This burden

is painful for Britain to bear. These illegal immigrants are involved in various crimes, besides

they are destroying the environment of the country in various ways. There are about a

hundred thousand illegal asylum seekers from Bangladesh all of whom have to go to


Special tribunals are being created to settle these cases easily. The British government has

built hundreds of houses in Rwanda, these houses will accommodate the asylum seekers.

Additional five hundred security personnel have been appointed to protect them. If asylum is

considered by the special tribunal, they can return to Britain, otherwise asylum seekers must

go to their respective countries.