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Nawaz Sharif seriously ill, may be shifted to hospital

Nawaz Sharif seriously ill, may be shifted to hospital


Earlier today, Dr Naeem Malik, head of the Pims cardiology department, suggested that authorities shift Sharif to the hospital as his blood tests showed clotting which, according to the doctor, was an alarming sign considering his medical history. The PML-N supremo lives with diabetes and has also undergone bypass surgery. He currently takes medication for his heart condition, cholesterol and diabetes. 

Sharif’s personal physician reached Adiala Jail on Sunday evening to examine him. After the examination, it will be determined whether he will be shifted to Pims or not.


Last week, the former PM was suffering from dehydration and his blood urea content was 50 per cent higher than it should have been. A medical team also recommended that he be shifted to the hospital as his heart beat was not normal and the presence of urea in the blood may affect his kidney.


However, Sharif refused to be moved to a hospital and insisted that medical treatment be provided to him in prison. 

According to jail sources, the doctors today advised moving Sharif to the critical care unit as he has been suffering from acute pain in both his arms, likely due to lack of adequate blood circulation.


After the doctor’s examination, jail authorities contacted the caretaker government to apprise it of the development. The provincial government had no objections towards moving Sharif to the hospital, but placed responsibility for his security on the Islamabad police, since he had been convicted by an accountability court and his security fell into the jurisdiction of the capital force.


Meanwhile, security has been beefed up in and around the jail. Security personnel have been deployed around its premises and the media have been advised to steer clear of the premises. Special arrangements have also been made at Pims.