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EC will control Facebook’s campaign

The Election Commission (EC) will control Facebook’s campaign to prevent the propagation of disinformation after announcing the upcoming 12th national elections schedule. The facebook will also block content, said EC’s additional secretary Ashok Kumar Debnath on Thursday.

“We sat with a facebook team to discuss how to prevent falsehood in the social media because there are some technical matters. Our technical team was also present in the meeting. If there found any kind of disinformation and hatred speech, those will be deleted and blocked after removing.”

Ashok Kumar came up with the information after the meeting with the Facebook team in Agargaon’s Election Bhaban today.

Responding to a question from journalist, he said, “Such action will be taken only on various election-centric content. The program will start after the announcement of the schedule.”

“It was a primary level meeting. Later, a focal point of the Election Commission will be fixed, who will contact with them. They will also set a focal point to contact with us.”