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Outstanding academic results of Nelema Begum bring pride to her community

26 Ex. Councillor of Tower Hamlets Rofique Ahmed’s second daughter Nelema Begum has become a Doctor from King’s College London. On July the 3rd of 2015, Nelema Begum graduated with her MBBS degree from Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ Medical School.

Nelema aspires for a career within Surgery and Dermatology specialising in skin cancer. She has spent time at the St. John’s Institute 25of Dermatology doing skin cancer research and is also a published co-author.

During her study she trained at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’ hospital. She also practiced at Margate, Medway Maritime, Darent Valley and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Nelema was keen to serve the people of Tower Hamlets and spent her last undergraduate rotation at St. Andrew’s Health centre, part of the Bromley by Bow health partners.

Nelema thanked everyone who has supported her, promoted her and encouraged her during her student life till now. She also requests everyone to make dua for her during her journey in Medicine where she can help and serve people regardless of their background.

Nelema is an inspiration to many and may her successes empower students that they too can achieve what their hearts desires with hard work, determination and perseverance. As a primary School Student, Nelema received the Young Talent Award presented by Frank Dobson MP, the then Secretary of State for Health. She also received numerous other Awards during her time at primary and Secondary school for consistently performing well academically.
Nelema’s GCSE performance was one of the highest seen in Tower Hamlets, as a recognition the “Outstanding Achievement Award” from the Bangladesh High Commission London in 2006 was awarded to her.

Nelema successfully completed her A Levels in the related subjects with excellent results. She was therefore able to secure her place to study medicine at the GKT School of Medicine at King’s College London, one of the oldest and most prestigious medical schools in the UK.

In 2013 Nelema completed an intercalated BSc in Physiology with Medical Sciences. She was awarded with a First Class Honours and awarded the Forsling Prize for the highest academic performance.

PICTURE Captions
Single photo: Dr Nelema Begum MBBS BSc (Hons).

Other photo: Dr Nelema Begum accepting her MBBS Degree from Professor Edward Byrne, the President and Principle of King’s College London.