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Protect hardwood floor in monsoon

17Buying art for your homeNatural cleaners you did not knowReinvent your wall decor with these tipsTips to protect your leather items during monsoonHandy kitchen tips to use for cooking techniquesEnsure that rain water does not enter your home and harm your hardwood floor and remember to mop it regularly to prevent damage during the monsoon, says an expert.Hardwood flooring expert Suresh Kumar Mansukhani, of the Denmark-based hardwood flooring company Junckers, has listed out tips on how to protect your hardwood floor:Ensure that rain water does not enter your home and harm your hardwood floor. In case it happens, do mop the floor immediately. Make sure the floor is free from moisture this season. Wax the hardwood floor as the moisture warps the planks.Mop the floor regularly with a damp mop or micro-fiber mop to keep the planks moisture-free.Avoid using harsh floor cleansers as these may harm the hardwood flooring. Use floor cleaners and wax polish recommended by the hardwood flooring companies. Do not buy local-made cleaners or polish.Ensure that there is enough ventilation for fresh air or else humidity will bring dampness, harming the floors. Use of electric or manual de-humidifiers is highly recommended during this season.If the hardwood floor has been recently installed, then spaces or gaps must have been made in between the joints of the planks. These would get filled in and expand due to moisture in the air. Also, no gaps would now be visible. Therefore, the monsoon would give a uniform look to your hardwood Floor.- IANS