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Prawn Cocktail

v    Medium Prawn 6 pcs
v    Cocktail sauce 50 gm
v    Boiled egg slice 1/2
v    Orange slice 1/2

v    Lettuce leaf 50 gm
v    Lemon wedges 1 pc

Headless medium size 6 piece prown has to be boiled into water for just 3 minutes.

Cocktail Sauce : 20gm mayonnaise and 30 gm of tomato sauce mixed it together to make a perfect sauce.

Dressing : For dressing take one boiled egg and slice it into two piece then put the sauce to a glass first.

On top of that two slice of egg, one clean lettuce, one slice of lime and   orange to the corner of the glass, on top of the sauce.

Place the prawn maintain some distance on the edge of the glass and enjoy.