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Despite crisis Bangladesh receives record remittance

Despite many crises in the financial sector including dollar problem, Bangladesh received record remittance from eexpatriates in the month of January.

It was expected that the country would receive two billion dollars in January. Finally, that hope came true. In that month, expatriates sent about 210 crore US dollars, amounting to 23 thousand 100 crore taka

It was the highest amount in the last seven months and 7.69 percent higher compared to the same period in 2023.

Executive Director and Spokesperson of Bangladesh Bank Md Mezbaul Haque on Thursday said the country received 210 crore US dollars as remittance in the month of January. The remittance flow has increased due to various steps taken by the government.

According to data from the central bank, Bangladesh received $1.98 billion in December 2023.

In June last year, the country received $2.19 billion, the highest in a single month.

According to bank insiders, many banks are facing a dollar shortage, so they are keen to collect remittances from expatriates.