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Special month of Rajab  : 7th Lunar calendar month; an eventful of night of Journey

By Fatema Miah : 

I remembered, when my boys were little toddlers, on this this special date off al- Mehraj; I with my little jolly angles used to have little celebratory days; having a contributory discussion about the special night of Journey. After a discussion it was their task to recall and recount of the events. There are two vital factors of sequences led the second part of journey from the first. The both part of the miraculous journey on this special occasion brought fundamental spiritual and social changes to the Arabs. The first part of the journey; according to Qur’anic evidence a journey (Israat), miraculously prophet peace be upon him took a return journey from Mecca to Jerusalem with the help of the Angel Jibriel (Gabriel) within a night. And the second part of the journey, which was the very much excited part to them because second part of the Spiritual Journey from the Earth to the top level of all seventh heavens, direct to the Creator, which captured and describes in Hadith.
In their term, specially my eldest’ son, because of the speciality of the journey, the comprehension was drawn out of the messages that it was a night of journey to the infinity and beyond. Very excitedly, they used to look forward to the special night of Journey, in a celebratory manner. Obviously they used to get presents on that day. Although both my sons used to be happy about night of journey, specially, my eldest son as a toddler used to get so much fun, joy and fulfilment having a discussion about the beloved Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. He was very proud of our beloved Prophet peace be upon him to be the distinctively special person above all because, orphan child Mohammed peace be upon him, who didn’t have any survival parents to buy him cars, planes or rockets to play with, and undoubtedly being a chosen prophet of Allah subhanu-ta’la, he suddenly had a special and miraculous journey; advanced methodical journey to space before the time of modern scientific discoveries and inventions of any satellite of space-crafts.
Every year I raise the topic with them in this month of Rajab. Although we do continue having discussions and my eldest is rather acquire Quranic and hadith understanding about this Mehraj and the Israat, though it was rather different and jolly experience of his toddlerhood joyful comprehension and explanation of the special journey. He was very thankfully proud of himself being included in the greeting conversation between Allah and Mohammed peace be upon him and he memorised Al-tashaduth. Now they both are teenagers, not toddlers or juniors anymore. Although they are more knowledgeable of all topics, when I remember them as little toddlers, talking about night of the Journey with interests, I miss so much those moments of the glimpse of excitements in their eyes and I wish they were same little toddlers as they were.
Like any other memorable days, today when I raised and reiterated about it is the month of Rajab and 27th is next week, I further said aiming at my eldest that I remember how excited you used to be about this night of Journey to the infinity and beyond. He added; in a straight-cut manner saying even Abu-Bakr (who wasn’t Muslim then, peace be upon him) the next day believed Mohammed peace be upon him telling the truth about having a journey to Jerusalem in one night, he continued saying it is in Quran about the journey from mecca to Jerusalem, being incited. Right! it is mentioned in Sura Israat I agreed and then I added inquisitively and the second part of the journey? My youngest added, then he went to heaven with the help of the angel, what he’s name he was murmuring, Jibrael (Gabriel in biblical term) I corrected.
We Muslims have plenty eventful of miraculous moments to appreciate and to hold discussions about them, to celebrate, to educate and be educated about them. Mohammed peace be upon him, brought us Muslims from Allah subhanu ta’la a special gift; repent for forgiveness, on this special night of journey. Allah subhanu ta’la did greet his best and chosen prophet Mohammed peace be upon him with respectful salutation on the special night of Journey, Al-Mehraj. The greeting exchange of conversation between Allah and his prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, on that night of journey has become a part of our daily prayers, known as al-tashaduth, moreover, our beloved prophet Mohammed peace be upon him included us, the worshippers in his special moment of meeting Allah the creator.
Those miracles that happened to the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him and to the others prophet peace be upon them are left behind for us Muslim Ummah and entire mankind being privileged of taking positive stocks of the miracles even till the todays date. We human being and specially Muslim Ummah should appreciatively be grateful to the creator and respect to prophet to prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. Sallalahu-ala-Mohammed Sallalahu Alai-hi-was-sallam.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, UK