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By Fatem Miah

The truth is that, the establishment of Britain proposed to exit from EU not the working class Brits those voted out. A deeper analysis of the situation shows that the UK leaving the EU right now which might turn out to be favourable for the United States.

In the given situation, when right-wing forces in almost all European countries are gaining popular votes and increasing their influence among the European population, keeping Europe united and strong it rather seems to be unfavourable and undesirable to the United States although Obama made suggestion of UK to remain in EU thus it is different for the republicans. That’s why the United States may think that the best option is to break the European Union apart, since wisdom says “divide and conquer!” However, in the current situation divide and conquer works best for Russia.

US needed a strong and united Europe influenced by UK as bulwark against Russia. However, seems, it doesn’t work out. Nevertheless, from now on the process of fragmentation of the EU likely to continue.

Now other pro-US puppets of Europe likely to push forward the idea of exit from the EU, too. Some people arguing that Brexit from EU mainly to do with because People seems to be are impervious to the bankers’ relentless propaganda. It showing evidence that people can see through plutocratic system. It was a prolonged negotiations. If the idea of a large market seemed good, some people felt Brussels was asking too much for that membership. It doesn’t take much for a shaky alliance to fall apart.

The leave campaigners believed that the EU seems to really have no solid grounds for its existence. Its core has fluctuated and it has made some good, albeit arbitrary decisions. Though on the other side, like Greece, sees it differently. Nonetheless, the migrant crisis is being the catalyst for the revolt.

They said Britain was being held back by the EU, which they said imposed too many rules on business and charged billions of pounds a year in membership fees for little in return. They also wanted Britain to take back full control of its borders and reduce the number of people coming here to live and/or work.

The ten billions pounds paid to the EU that is a sore point. Conservatives here have said that they are better prepared to spend their own money, rather than let Washington waste it on all sorts of causes. Some of the truth is in it, also the Brits were getting tired of someone else telling them what to do. Brits for instance like Boris Johnson and other fellow leave EU campaigners will be happy to plan tem billion pounds budget to manage UK’s affairs.

The European Union known as the EU, is an economic and political partnership involving 28 European countries, it began after World War two to foster economic co-operation, with the idea that countries which trade together are more likely to avoid going to war with each other.

It has since grown to become a “single market” allowing goods and people to move around, basically as the member states being one country.

The decision to exit has been made, Cameron announced to resign and Boris Johnson government can get on with governing the country as they wish, or who knows, they might even change their mind and decide to stay in EU after two years of tasting the water. Nigel Farage who keenly fought to leave EU and is happy on victory of leave. On Breakfast TV Farage already denied that he ever said that this would mean more money for the NHS.

At the winning of the Brexit referendum, the British people are praised by an US author as; Brits are much more intelligent than most around the world because despite all the propaganda telling them to embrace their banking overlords, they just voted to no longer be exploited, and soon devastated by this autonomous, plutocratic, nightmare called the European union. Further praised as proud people of real action and change, just fired the first shot against the new world order of criminal banking. He said “Bravo U.K!” In the book he wrote ‘The last Independent’, it was the British who over threw their captured government and defeated the bankers plans to rule the world. He’s saying that he has always had respect for Brits intelligence of social issues. “YOU MADE ME PROUD TODAY, YOU LOVELY BRITS!!!!!!!!!”

No one knows how Brexit will work out for UK. Leaving from EU Britain has to invoke an agreement called ‘Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty’. Lisbon Treaty will set the formal legal process of withdrawing from the EU, and give the UK two years to negotiate its withdrawal.

On the other hand Britain already facing uprising at the wake of Leave EU result from its other dominions for instance Scotland, Gibraltar and Northern Ireland, they are asserting their desire to call for further referendum to exit Britain for taking them out of EU against their wishes.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon appeared before the media asserted her disappointment and she said in the wake of the Leave result that it is “democratically unacceptable” that Scotland being taken out of the EU when it voted to Remain.

European leaders planning EU’s future without Britain and urged Britain to proceed quickly on Brexit process, how Boris Johnson and his campaigners are prepared to face their colonial appraising and deal with the Brexit process?

Fatem Miah


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