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Eid Message From Bangla Mirror

eidEID-ul-Fitr comes once again with its message of remembrance of the Almighty and caring for those who are less privileged than us. With the end of the holy month of Ramadan, it becomes our particular responsibility to go for self-assessment on what we have endeavoured to do during the period and what we could yet have done to bind our spirit with the higher calling of faith. Ramadan is a testing time for all Muslims. In this month, it is questions of how we have fared as a society, of how the gap between rich and poor keeps us pinioned to disappointment that we deal with. Ramadan is also a reminder that Islam is a religion of peace and abjures all forms of extremism. Ramadan is also a message about the higher moral quality we need to bring to life and a necessary lesson that life lived on earth is but a preparation for the world hereafter.
From the Bangla Mirror Team, we wish all our readers, advertisers, well-wishers and to those who have been supporting us for continued publication of the first English weekly for Brit-Bangladeshis, Eid Mubarak