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Prime Minister’s Eid message 2016

gfAs the presents are wrapped, the food is prepared and the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end.

I want to sen my very best wishes to Muslims at home and around the world celebrating Eid.

I look at the things people are doing in Britain for the occasion – putting on special brunches for the lonely, giving presents out at children’s hospitals, holding street parties that will bring communities together and I see the very best of British values – of unity, of tolerance, of thinking of others before ourselves.

We need those values more than ever before. Because we live in troubling times.

This last month alone, we’ve seen hatred take hold; from an airport in Istanbul to a nightclub in Orlando to a café in Dhaka and this week’s horrendous attack in Baghdad.

And we’ve seen it closer to home, too. Too many victims have suffered abuse and intolerance on our streets and one woman – an inspirational MP, Jo Cox – lost her life as she served her constituents.

As we come together this Eid – friends, families, neighbours, colleagues – I want us to restate our commitment to the values we share, to all the things that make Britain the most successful multi-ethnic, multi-faith democracy on earth.

So once again, let me wish you all the best – Eid Mubarak.