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CPRMB meeting to protect minorities

Ansar Ahmed Ullah:

A meeting of Campaign for the Protection of Religious Minorities in Bangladesh (CPRMB) was held on 27 July in Essex to review activities and exchange views on future events in furtherance of their goals and objectives.

With the CPRMB’s President Devasish Das in the chair, the interactive session appreciated of CPRMB’s recent participation in a meeting at the EU Parliament. Members noted that their delegates were successful in putting their arguments and made an impression on those present at that meeting.

The meeting was informed that a seminar is being organised at the House of Commons where high profile political leaders from Bangladesh, UK, human rights organisations and academics are expected to participate. The meeting expressed the view that some other programmes should also be chalked out before the seminar to create awareness and inform various stakeholders both in the UK and Bangladesh about the principles that CPRMB stand for and what steps they intend to take to put an end to the atrocities being perpetrated against the religious minorities of Bangladesh.

The President thanked everybody for their presence & active participation and hoped that they will continue their vigorous support in ensuring that religious minorities can live a life free of fear and humiliation. The meeting was attended by Mr. Pradip Saha, Mr, Biswajit Bal, Mrs Pushpita Gupta, Romen Das, Mr. Debobrata Saha, Mr. Sanjit Ghosh, Mr Mihir Sarker, Mrs. Ruma Sarkar, Mrs Shefali Das, Mrs. Sinthia Das, Mrs Ranjita Sen, Mr. Rakhal Saha, Mr. Sujit Sen, Mr Uday Das, Mr. Sanjay Datta, Mr Pujish Dhar, Mr. Krishna Saha, Mr Amitav Sikdar, Mr. Kamol Saha, Mr, Adhir Das and Mr. Samor Saha. The meeting was conducted by General Secretary Mr. Ajit Saha.