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Bangladesh &  India today before West. 

Fatema Miah:

Preya Saha has been nurtured by Awame league government in Bangladesh and she deceptively, and sneakily made untrue statement  to Mr Trump in the Whitehouse.  Shamefully scary.
I am a British Muslim of Bangladeshi ethnicity. Being a devout Muslim I am scared of Bangladesh, specially from today 20 July 2019, because there people are often seem to be mad, hateful, and blindly bias and steriotyping towards Islam practicing beings. Islam is hated not corruption.  Way these people talk is so scary. Their mind set up to a severe vindictive manner as a norm.  They speak with firm assertive statement though they deliver untruth made up lies. And assumption is a common thing in them.  Yes. Majority there are same. Men and women. They are same here too after living here for many decades. The same type of people do strongly moan recism here.
Sad and shame Bangladesh is Muslim majority country, they say it is an Islamic country, there Indian dead cows meat also supplied and sold in markets.  There is an on going thing that’s  Muslims are disrespected often. Shame. There few ill minded terrorists type those are ok and  the irrespective, liers, steriotyping bias are even better there, they rule there it’s their reign, Raj. Correct me please if my understanding is wrong from what I got to take the meaning from the what often shown as and came forward to portray, for example of one here,  Preya Saha and like minded other Muslim named beings, too many there.
A person like me, a British Muslim, British by birth through parental British citizenship, one who barely has memory of Bangladesh, and only has two occasion, once in childhood and once in adulthood (mother) of Bangladesh, when we (I ) see and hear such ill, bias clear untruth, dangerous lies made up by those people it scares me/us off.  Politics they call it. Though no, politics in UK term, we believe in correctness the political correctness.  That even Indian Zakir Naik admitted being wrong and acknowledged that he needs to learn to be politically correct.
Now, do I need to go and rubb against these people to exercise strenght against their sickening nature,  to strengthening my immune to withstand their sickening nature, to exchange and challenge them, for what? When they aren’t corect- able.  Whether, they are Muslim named or other, they are concrete rigid, inhumane and evil plotters.  Their sceptical mind equally cunning, plotting is constant in their nature, thought process and in every movements what keeps them busy. Why not, let’s look at what they been reading? USAs, detective type journals. Politics from their attitude obviously is dictation and corruption, overall SMART in their term is the best skill of lie, and most Lier is the greater.
I feel sick when I see some  same type of people,  twice a year in Bangladesh victory and National celebration days.  Have they done anything productive for Bangladesh, the nation or the ethnic people ? Have they written for positive ? No, they only and always gained and satisfied  their personal motive; they were given name and fame  for them to be called with honour. My dear Sheik Hasina, is she waking up to truth about corruption?
The Asians created a fashion of to talk against and to blame Islam, to impress West, to prove to be westernised? Then, respect of values and Jesus love are in western culture, So is Jesus love is in Islam.  And by giving Salman Rushdie shelter in UK, Asians though of Islam hate is the short-cut way to British citizenship, then don’t forget we Brits didn’t welcome Taslima Nasreen here.
The same minded type men and women here in UK, shouting Islamaphobia, when they aren’t Muslims, they are anti-Muslims, irrespective of values, or Hypocrites, they aren’t into religion though they play religion. They play one against other. They constantly seek advantages and they drop down to any level for that.  This is how world is unhappy and unrest caused by same minded everywhere.
There in India, so sad and shame, RSS shaming India and Hindu religion before the world and BJP government is same too. The RSS killing Muslims for cows. Biggest cow farmers are Hindus, the largest cow farming is in India,  do they farm cows only for worshipping? There the biggest beef suppliers in Asia is India. The Indian beef exporting companies are owned, and managed by Hindus with Muslim company names.
Indian government pays subsidy for Hajj, what a laughter. There Muslims poor are suffering below average wage, the rich with assets what make them Hajj eligible, are supported with hajj subsidy. Why? Another plot. To impress Saudi for a deplomatic relation. When BJP wants to make India a Hindu state,  pushing Muslims out of country, at the same time paying Hajj subsidy.  Why not pay the same amount as Eid/ festive Fund for Muslins/ or low cast people?
Tarbez Ansari and some others were tortured to death by RSS Hindu Badi in India in todays new era, and systematically the case is being ignored and oppresssed, why?  Justice is must. Indian ethnic  British and those Professional Indians in UK must be ashamed for not voicing against such cruelty and inhumanity. The Indian  government departmental people haven’t still shown any sympathy or regret about this.  I condemn it.
There in India, many Hindus voicing against such cruelty and disgusting RSS and BJP. Demonstrations taking place across the country demanding for justice, (hang  to death sentence). There in Bangladesh Islamic group spoke in congregation, went out on march voicing against  Tabrez Ansaris murder and organised another big march on the 31.
Where is Zakir Naik now?
For BJP, What is politically correct in their term?
What is Preya Sashas motive behind  for the false statement she deceptively and sneakily made before President Trump?

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com