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General election: Labour ‘wants to get stuck in’ to campaign

Labour MPs are ready for a general election campaign, Caerphilly MP Wayne David has said.
The UK is heading for a general election after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said Labour is ready for the “most radical campaign ever”.
“It’s going to be a hard fight, [but] we will win through and win this historic election,” Mr David said.
But Labour AM for Torfaen Lynne Neagle said holding a snap poll now would be an “historic” mistake.
A senior Welsh Labour source told BBC Wales parliamentary correspondent Mark Hutchings there was a lot of anger about Mr Corbyn’s decision to back an election.
“Just look at the polls,” they said.
The prime minister is asking MPs to back his plan for a 12 December general election on Tuesday afternoon, after MPs voted against a snap election on Monday.
Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford said only Labour will give voters a chance to decide the future of Brexit.
Plaid Cymru are expected to vote against the prime minister’s proposed bill to trigger an election, despite the Remain-supporting colleagues in the Liberal Democrats and the SNP having earlier proposed their own date of 9 December.
They say that date will prevent Mr Johnson from pushing through his Brexit deal.
It comes after the EU granted a three-month extension to Brexit on Monday.
MPs will decide whether to back the bill later on Tuesday, which Cardiff South and Penarth MP’s Stephen Doughty is hoping to amend to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote.

Plenty of Welsh Labour MPs don’t want an election right now because the polls look dismal and they’re worried about losing seats.
Many of them would prefer to get Brexit sorted out before an election but that looks like it’s no longer an option.
But the Welsh Labour leader, Mark Drakeford, has urged Jeremy Corbyn to seize the first opportunity that comes for a democratic showdown, whether that’s another referendum or a general election.
Mr David, who is a Labour frontbencher, said: “I shall be voting for the election today and the mood amongst Labour Party members and members of Parliament is let’s bring it on, we want to get stuck in.
“And we’re confident, it’s going to be a hard fight, [but] we will win through and win this historic election.”
He said there had been a debate inside the Parliamentary Labour Party “about whether this is the best time to go”.
But Lynne Neagle, Labour AM for Torfaen, said: “Holding a general election now will be a mistake of historic proportions. The country is deeply divided.
“The only way to resolve Brexit is a referendum on that one issue. Otherwise we risk deepening the wounds Brexit has inflicted and a Tory victory would mean the hardest of Brexits and risks the break-up of the UK.”
Conservative MP Montgomeryshire MP Glyn Davies, who is standing down, said: “I am disappointed at a personal and political level that we are holding a general election before Brexit has been delivered, but the determination of opposition parties, with the support of the Speaker, to frustrate the EU Referendum decision since 2016 have made this inevitable.”
Welsh Labour leader Mark Drakeford said: “When Boris Johnson became prime minister he promised he would get Brexit done. He has lied and he has failed.
“Only a vote for Labour will put this decision back where it belongs, in the hands of the people – a referendum where we will campaign to remain.”
“Welsh Labour is already working hard to create a more prosperous, fairer and greener nation. With a UK Labour government we can, and we will, do so much more,” he added.
A Plaid Cymru spokesman said: “A general election will not solve the Brexit crisis and could even exacerbate the situation. The only real answer to end the chaos is a final say referendum, which should have been this Parliament’s priority. Plaid Cymru is more than ready to face voters, with a clear message, a united party and commitment to make our nation the top priority.”