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EC won’t do condescending over polls, CEC tells political parties

Urging the all political parties to resolve the differences over the general election among themselves, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal has said the Election Commission would not do any condescending regarding this issue.

He told reporters at Nirbachan Bhaban in city’s Agargaon area in Dhaka on Thursday following a procession held from in the area marking the Voters’ Day.

The CEC said, “We have urged the political parties earlier, and we are repeatedly urging them to come and join the election. If there are any differences among you, resolve it. The Election Commission would not do condescending over this issue.”

He further said, “We will politely ask all the political parties to participate in the election in any way. Create a balance in the polling stations by participating in the election so that impartiality and accuracy is established.”

The CEC claimed that the voter turnout in various elections during his tenure was relatively low but satisfactory.

However, he expressed hoped that there would be adequate voter turnout in the next general election through competition. “We hope that polls will be competitive in the future and there would be sufficient presence of voters.”

The CEC said, “Firstly, bringing voters to the polling center is the responsibility of voter’s own. In political contest, the political parties have a responsibility. They have to fulfill that responsibility. Election Commission we will organize the election.”

Election Commissioners Ahsan Habib Khan, Rasheda Sultana, Md. Alamgir; and EC Secretary Md Jahangir Alam were present at that time.