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Govt to shoulder responsibility if violence occurs Thursday: BNP

Alleging that Juba League is hatching conspiracy to create violence by convening rally in the city on the same day BNP is scheduled to hold their grand rally, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir warned that the government has to shoulder the responsibility if any violence occurs on July 27 centering the rally.

He urged the ruling party to reschedule their announced programme to avert any unwanted situation.

Fakhrul said this at a press conference held at its Nayapaltan central office in Dhaka following a joint meeting of the party on Monday.

The BNP secretary general said, “The ways which ministers and MPs are making remarks are not decent remarks. These are the language of terrorists. They are threatening us. But people are confronting this time. People from all walks of life become united in the field.”

He further said, “Out of our simultaneous movement, there are many parties who are saying that election will not be fair under partisan government. We announced to hold grand rally in Dhaka to press home this demand. Through the united movement of the people, this government will be forced to resign and arrange election under a non-partisan neutral caretaker government.”

About BNP’s scheduled Dhaka rally, Fakhrul said they did not announce the grand rally all of a sudden.

“All the political parties and organizations of the country have been agitating for the restoration of democracy for the last 14 to 15 years. The system of election under the caretaker government was accepted by the people of the country and included in the constitution. But the government used the court as a tool to revoke it,” said Fakhrul.

Mentioning that former chief justice ABM Khairul Haque in his verdict on caretaker government system observed that two general elections might be held under caretaker government, said Fakhrul adding that Awami League cancelled the provision of the caretaker government through 15th amendment of the constitution.

He said, “Actually this government is illegal and unelected. The proof which is 2104 election where there was no voting, one-sided voting held at night before the election in 2018. In the same way they have destroyed the country’s democracy, judiciary, economy, human rights.”

Enforced disappearance and killing of people have become a routine work of this government, said the BNP secretary general.

Among others, BNP Chairperson’s adviser Amanullah Aman, Md Abdus Salam, senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, central leaders Syed Moazzem Hussain Alal, Khairul Kabir Khokon, Habibun Nabi Khan Sohel and Shamsur Rahman Shimul Biswas were present at that time.