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Remove Tarique Rahman’s all speeches from online, HC to BTRC

The High Court on Monday ordered Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) to remove BNP acting chairman Tarique Rahman’s all speeches from online.

A bench of Justice Md Khasruzzaman and Justice Md Khairul Alam passed the order after hearing on a rule over the issue.

Meanwhile, the lawyers of BNP expressed no confidence to the Chief Justice against this bench of the High Court.

The HC on August 14 ordered to publish a notification in newspapers about its earlier order that banned publication of Tarique Rahman’s speech by all media.

On 22 August, the High Court ordered to include in the agenda of today’s hearing the issue of banning the broadcasting of Tarique Rahman’s speeches on social media.

Before this, the notice of the rule was sent to Tarique Rahman’s Gulshan address which was mentioned in the writ.

In 2015, Supreme Court lawyer Nasreen Siddiqui Lina filed a petition seeking a ban on the speech of BNP Acting Chairman (then Senior Vice Chairman) Tarique Rahman due to his various comments on the history of Bangladesh and Bangabandhu. After holding a hearing on the writ, the court issued an interim order along with the rule.

Secretaries of information and law, inspector general of police, director general of BTV, chairman of BTRC, chief news editor of Ekushe TV, editor of Kaler Kantha and Tarique Rahman have been made the respondents.