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British-Israeli killed by Hamas, family says

Yosef Guedalia has been named as another British-Israeli killed by Hamas in the 7 October attack.

The 22-year-old soldier was part of an anti-terror unit when he was killed confronting Hamas gunmen at Kibbutz Kfar Aza.

His brother Asher said he “literally saved people minutes before he got shot”.

He added that Yosef had helped evacuate injured civilians before returning to fight Hamas.

Asher said there is a video of Yosef carrying out an injured civilian who is now recovering in hospital.

“He acted with heroism and determination, he continued to fight and didn’t think of himself or hesitate…He went in to rescue as many citizens as possible before they got murdered in their homes and to kill as many terrorists as he could,” Asher said.

He added that Yosef was “always happy, there was no bad in him”, adding he was “a righteous and good person”.

Yosef’s mother was born in Manchester, and he was about to celebrate his first wedding anniversary.

“I’m sure he understood he might not get back to his wife and his family but that’s his calling. That’s the hero we had for 22 years,” Asher said.

In a tribute posted on LinkedIn, his father David Guedalia said “with deep sorrow we mourn the fall of my son”.

“May his memory be a blessing,” he said.

More than 1,400 Israelis were killed when Hamas attacked communities near the Gaza border, while the Israeli military says 203 soldiers and civilians, including women and children, were taken to Gaza as hostages.

At least 10 British nationals were among those killed in the attacks.