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‘BAKSAL 2’ has been established in the country: Moyeen Khan

BNP Standing Committee Member Dr Abdul Moyeen Khan on Saturday said that ‘BAKSAL 2’ has been established in the country.

Dr Abdul Moyeen made the remarks while talking to reporters after visiting Dhaka district Jubo Dal’s former president Rezaul Karim Paul’s residence, who was recently out of jail, reports UNB.

Dr Abdul Moyeen said, “You know that in the past the BAKSAL had been established in the parliament by killing democracy. Now, there is no room for opposition voices. This is the reality of Bangladesh today.”

“We have said repeatedly that it’s impossible to wipe out the opposition through suppression,” he said.

“We believe in the power of the people. BNP founder Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman, who also declared the independence of the country, had said that people are the source of all power,” he added.

“They say BNP was born in the cantonment… I don’t know from where they got this information, but I want to clarify this. Ziaur Rahman was a soldier but he reinstated multi-party democracy by freeing it from BaKSAL rule. On the other hand, AL claims they are a pro-democracy and pro-independence party, but they have established a one-party BaKSAL rule by stealing democracy,” the senior BNP leader said.

“This is the difference between AL and BNP,” he said.

“AL claims they are a pro-democratic political party, so why are they killing democracy in the country? — Dr Moyeen raised the question.

“The founding spirit of Bangladesh was democracy. Fifty-three years ago, we had said that under the Pakistan structure, no democracy is possible, and for that Bangladesh was formed,” the BNP leader said.

“The beauty of democracy is in the coexistence of ruling and opposition parties, but AL does not believe that,” Dr Abdul Moyeen said.