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Govt has no plan of university exclusivity for bureaucrats’ children: Farhad Hossain

The government has no intention to establish any separate university for the children of bureaucrats at this moment, Public Administration Minister Farhad Hossain has said.

“The government is working to ensure equal opportunity for all,” he said while talking to UNB at the secretariat on Sunday.

“Bureaucrats placed a proposal regarding the establishment of a university for their children and we welcome any kind of proposal. We have many important things to do now and we are not thinking about it at the moment,” he said.

Divisional and deputy commissioners presented various proposals during the DC conference held from March 3-6.

Different proposals including master’s and advanced degree programmes, training for civil service officers, and their children’s education came during the conference, he said.

The DCs placed various demands including educational opportunities during their meeting with the prime minister.

While talking about the Deputy Commissioners’ proposal, the minister reiterated the inclusive nature of higher education, emphasising that universities are institutions accessible to all where everyone has to get a chance through admission tests. “This is how we think about it.”

The minister said, there is a government employee hospital for government employees, “The university is universal, it comes from a universal idea.”

“A university is an open space where knowledge is freely acquired, and people can think without constraints. It’s where minds develop, shaping individuals into capable citizens. It’s a hub for all kinds of people, a place where genius thrives,” the minister concluded.