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Sound pollution irritating city dwellers in Sylhet

13Sylhet city dwellers are facing serious sound pollution from hydraulic horns that are being used unabated in most of the vehicles here defying the Road Security Council’s ban.

Moreover, the roadside restaurant and shop owners are playing songs in full volume using amps to attracted customers that is another prime reason behind the city’s sound pollution.

This correspondent learnt that human beings usually hear 15 to 20 kilohertz (KHz) frequency of sound (45 dB). According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), roughly 60 dB sound can make a man deaf temporarily and 100 dB sound can cause complete deafness whereas the hydraulic horns are able to produce more than 100db sound.
On the other hand, cinema hall owners practice to promote their new movies on mics that is another irritating source of sound pollution.

An ENT expert Nurul Huda Naem told this correspondent about the adverse effects of sound pollution as prolonged exposure to impulsive noise to a person will damage their eardrum, which may result in a permanent hearing loss. On the hand the physiological manifestations are headaches, irritability and nervousness, feeling of fatigue and decreases work efficiency. For example, being pounded by the siren of fire fighters, police or ambulance in a city all night everyday leave people (especially elderly people) stresses and tired in the morning.

What is more fatal, the expert said adding that, High noise levels can contribute to cardiovascular effects in humans, a rise in blood pressure, and an increase in stress and vasoconstriction, and an increased incidence of coronary artery disease.

In animals, noise can increase the risk of death by altering predator or prey detection and avoidance, interfere with reproduction and navigation, and contribute to permanent hearing loss.

In this regard, Sylhet locals urged the city authority to take proper steps for combating sound pollution.