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Eye colour reveals mindset

35Your eye colour can tell a lot about your personality. People with black eyes tend to be mysterious like night and hazel eyed people are spontaneous, says an expert.Black coloured eyes: People with black eyes tend to be mysterious like night and have high intuitions. They are trustworthy and will never let your secrets out. They are highly responsible and loyal. Extremely hardworking and optimistic, they know very well how to show their worth to others. Brown coloured eyes: People with brown eyes are attractive, confident and creative. Though they are determined, sometimes, they can have hard time expressing themselves to people.Hazel coloured eyes: People with hazel eyes are spontaneous, fun loving and adventurous. They usually go with the flow, are adaptive, courageous and get bored of monotony easily. Their beauty often attracts people but the relationships may not last very long unless you are the one for them. Grey coloured eyes: People with grey eyes are dominant, strong and gentle. They are least aggressive and put all their passion into whatever they do. They take love and romance seriously. Their inner strength, analytic thinking and rationality make them the leader of any situation.Green coloured eyes: People with green eyes are intelligent, curious and full of life. They are passionate in whatever they do and look enchantingly beautiful. Getting jealous very soon is their negative trait.Blue coloured eyes: People with blue eyes are highly attractive, peaceful, smart and have long lasting relationships. They go an extra mile to make others happy with kindness and sincerity. They are extroverts and keenly observe things.-ToI