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US Trade Show-2022 ends

The three day US Trade Show concluded on Saturday, drawing crowd of a huge number of visitors.

The three ay show,  organized jointly by US Embassy in Bangladesh and the American Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh (AMCHAM), began on Thursday at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in Dhaka,

Different familiar brands of US were displayed at more than 70 stalls at the show.

US famliar color cosmetics brand ‘NIOR’ was able to draw the attraction of female visitors of all ages.

The ‘NIOR’ brand has been occupying leading position among the women as best brand for maintaining beauty for the last 25 years in the world market.

Expressing views while visiting the show, popular actress Sameera said she became very happy finding her favourite brand ‘NIOR’ at the pavilion of ‘Remark.

“For professional needs we have to use lot of cosmetic items, NIOR has become a popular brand because of its high level of standard”, Sameer added

“NIOR’ has been updating it’s product range day by day considering the changing demands of the era, that’s why the women folks of different ages and professions including celebrities, influencers, beauticians are getting huge interest about the world famous brand ‘NIOR’.

There are two Lipstick series in the color cosmetic lineup of ‘NIOR’ like ‘NIOR no Transfer Mat Lipstick’ and ‘NIOR Red Carpet Lip Color’.