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How to prevent childhood obesity?

Childhood obesity is the root cause of a lot of chronic illnesses later in life. The complex disease that leads to the growth of excessive amounts of fat in the body, further leading to several illnesses, should be prevented at a small age. Nutritionist Anjali Mukerjee wrote, “It all begins with too little activity and too much food. Genetic and hormonal factors also have a role. But diet and exercise can trump genes so there is always a way out.” She further shared a few prevention tips.

Inculcating good eating habits in children is to be started at a very small age to make it a good practice later in life.
Making it fun and speaking about it to them will help in them understanding and growing this as a habit.

Watching our own eating habits, especially around the child will help in curbing the risk of childhood obesity later.

Taking out time and being creative in presenting vegetables, pulses and other healthy food items in a fun way for the children will make it easier.

We should also be mindful about teaching our kids that being healthy and achieving a certain body weight are completely different. We should focus on being healthy and fit first.