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PM’s remark on Saint Martin nothing but a political stunt: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Thursday said the Prime Minister’s comment ‘falsely’ accusing their party of selling Saint Martin’s to go to power was nothing but a stunt to make political gains.

Speaking at a press conference at the BNP chairperson’s Gulshan office, he also questioned whether the Prime Minister’s ‘fabricated’ statement involving BNP falls under the purview of the Digital Security Act.

“It’s completely a political stunt…she (Hasina) also made such comments after she was defeated in the 2001 election. It’s a cooked-up story that she made to get some advantages. But she can’t realise that it can be counterproductive,” the BNP leader said.

He alleged that the government has become so desperate to stay in power that it does not hesitate to harm the country. “They know what comments they’re making about other countries can affect us in geopolitics. We’ve already been affected. We can’t imagine any responsible leader, especially who runs the government, can make such comments.”

“She made these remarks as a Prime Minister. So, I would like to ask her whether a case under the Digital Security Act can be filed against her for providing wrong information. Whether her false allegation against BNP falls under the Digital Security Act? Has the time come for filing a case under the Digital Security Act for her false and fabricated remarks?

Earlier on Wednesday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at her press conference said, “BNP came to power in 2001 by giving the undertaking to sell gas. Now they want to sell the country. Or do they want to come to power by undertaking to sell St. Martin’s island?” she said.

She also said if she leases out St. Martin’s island or the country, there will also be no problem for her to stay in power.

Reacting to the PM’s remarks, Fakhrul said it is completely a false and fabricated allegation and claimed that the BNP is the party that has always been sacrificing for protecting the country’s independence and sovereignty.

“Nobody could still raise a question that BNP has sold the country or sacrificed the country’s interest. But there are many such allegations against them (AL). She herself also said they have given them (India) everything… Why do you (PM) think people are so stupid? She should understand that she will not get spared making such comments,” he observed.

He also said the PM’s comment involving the US with Saint Martin’s is dangerous. “Can you think where the relationship with that country (US) will stand?

Fakhrul also accused the Prime Minister of creating ground for an untoward situation in the country with her ‘irresponsible’ remarks.

He also questioned whether the Prime Minister is making the comments as he has become confirmed that she will not be able to stay in power.

The BNP leader said Awami League in no way wants to hear about a neutral and credible election as the party can understand that the country’s people will no longer accept it.

“I would like to request her (Hasian) you please try to understand the language of people and their demands, hopes, and aspirations. People want you to step down right now. No one, except some beneficiaries and those who made money illegally, wants to see Hasina in power anymore,” he said.

About Prime Minister’s comment that BNP is seeking foreigners’ help to go to power, Fakhrul said the Foreign Minister himself admitted that he sought help from the USA and India to keep them in power by taking BNP to the election.

He said their party believes in the independence and sovereignty of the country and they are not in favour of letting any country take even an inch of the land in Bangladesh. “We’ll protect any such move even by sacrificing our last drop of blood. But they (AL) have done such activities a lot.”

Asked whether BNP has any deal with the US for going to power, he said the opposition cannot make any agreement with any country. “The contracts are signed between countries and government to government.