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Per kg raw chilli being sold at Tk 1000 in Sylhet

In the retail market of Sylhet, raw chillies are being sold for 1000 Tk per kg. However, raw chillies are available at Tk 600-700 per kg in the wholesale market. Customers are angry because of the sudden increase in the price of green chillies.

It is known that the price of green chillies has been increasing for a week after visiting different markets of Sylhet and talking to buyers and sellers. Among them, a kg of raw chilli reached Tk 1,000 in the retail market from the previous day even on Eid. Even 10 days ago, a kg of raw chilli was sold at Tk 120 to Tk 150. Then the price started to rise. Due to this, buyers have reduced the purchase of raw chilies.

Where earlier customers used to buy in kg quantity, now they are buying 200 grams or 100 grams. Apart from this, traders of floating vegetables are selling green chillies from 50 grams to 20 grams.

Koish Mia, a floating vegetable trader in Jallarpar area of the city, said that they bring vegetables from the wholesale market and sell them in different neighborhoods and on the footpaths. He is selling a kg of green chillies for 1000 rupees. In this earlier buyers bought half a kg quantity, but now some are buying 10-20 grams and some are buying 100 grams.

Mizanur Rahman, a resident of Bhatalia area, said that he was shocked when he heard the price while buying green chillies in the market. He bought one kg of green chillies for Tk 150 a week ago. But now suddenly because the price has increased abnormally, he bought 200 grams. He said, it seems that the businessmen are doing syndicate targeting the Qorbani market. Every year, the prices of green chillies and other vegetables increase during Eid. But this time it increased during Eid al-Adha.

Businessmen say that green pepper is not cultivated in Sylhet. All the raw chillies available in the market here are imported from outside Sylhet. Most of the pepper comes from Bogra. At present, the prices have increased and the Sylhet market has been affected.