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Women should spare 30 mins daily to ensure their biological processes aren’t altered: Dr Kanika Chopra, leading gynec

With the pace of the modern world at an ever increasing rise , The Statesman in an exclusive with Dr Kanika Chopra, gynaecologist at Lady Hardinge Medical college talks about the toll that unbalanced work life balance takes on the health of women.

Q. What are the common problems that are observed in women ‘s reproductive health?

A. A lot of women encounter problems in conceiving. This is usually seen because the common age for women marrying and having kids has shifted from thirty years to thirty two years of age. This creates a problem in conceiving. It has also led to more pregnancies taking place from IVF(In-vitro-Fertilisation).In a desk job there is a lot of lifestyle abnormality since a majority of time is spent sitting which often means less exercise and physical activity and more of depending on unhealthy food habits as well. Even in younger girls, more cases of PCOS, PCOD are observed.

Q. What kind of care do women, especially women need to take in day-to-day life to ensure a healthy lifestyle ?
A. Women must ensure to not alter with their biological processes. They must ensure that they earmark at least fifteen to thirty minutes for themselves daily. This can include physical activities like light Yoga, exercise. walk in a park or at home. A healthy diet with fresh fruits is a must and avoid packaged food like fried foods, chips etc. It is also extremely important to have enough water.

Q. What toll does the imbalance in professional & personal lives cause?

The imbalance and health effects might differ from job to job. Like in an office setup especially women should take special care of maintaining hygiene. Women are more likely to develop UTIS (urinary tract infection). A healthy Body Mass Index should be maintained to avoid obesity.

Q. What balance can you suggest ?

A.Every woman should maintain a healthy BMI. The healthy BMI for an adult woman is considered to be between 18 to 24.9 Kg per metre square.BMI More than 25 Kg per metre square is considered to be overweight and may cause health issues. Yoga and naturopathy can help create a balance that is appropriate and easy to achieve.

Q. Do medicines that women take in general like for cramps, painkillers also cause issues in conceiving or on reproductive health ?

A.Not really, but too much of pain killers may definitely lead to kidney problems

Q. Since more cases of PCOD & PCOS are seen , can the medicines also cause problems in conceiving later in life ? If so how

A.No, the medicines usually used are oral contraceptive pills, they are used to regularise the menses. Definitely when patients are on these drugs, a woman can’t conceive. Patients with PCOS, in majority situations may require medicines to help them to conceive

Q. How do you suggest dealing with painful cramps ? With medicines or without medicines ?

A.It depends on a woman’s tolerance levels. But, i suggest if medicine are taken, it should be on the suggestion of a doctor. Other remedies like hot fomentation, yoga therapy can be helpful.

Q. What tips can be undertaken by women to relieve themselves from cramps without medicines ?

A.As I said…if painful cramps are causing distress, they need to be evaluated to rule out some abnormalities associated with the pain during menses. If no abnormality is found, hot fomentation, yoga and medicines as advised by a gynaecologist are the options available.