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US to send pre-election assessment mission on Oct 7

The United States-funded International Republican Institute (IRI) and National Democratic Institute (NDI) will independently and impartially conduct a joint pre-election assessment mission (PEAM) in Bangladesh.

“The delegation will visit Bangladesh from October 7 to 13 and will include six delegates plus support staff,” US Embassy Spokesperson Bryan Schiller told the reporters at American centre in Dhaka on Thursday (September 21), reports BSS.

He said the mission will be conducted in accordance with the NDI’s Declaration of Principles for International Observers.

Bryan said that the mission would meet the Bangladesh Election Commission, government agencies, political parties, citizen observers, civil society organizations including women’s and youth groups, Bangladesh and international media organizations, and foreign diplomatic missions.

At the conclusion of its visit, the delegation will issue a public statement highlighting the positive trends as well as areas of concern and offering practical recommendations.

The team will also likely hold a series of briefings and consultations with relevant international stakeholders, policymakers in Washington D.C. and constituencies supporting electoral integrity in Bangladesh, said the spokesperson.

While the primary role of the PEAM is to provide independent and impartial information on election preparation and the electoral context, the spokesperson said it will also determine whether to send a limited international election observation mission for election day.