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Judiciary should not be politicised in any way: Chief Justice

Chief Justice Obaidul Hasan on Sunday urged judges and lawyers to refrain from any form of politicisation of the judiciary.

“The goal of justice can only be achieved by performing the collective and meritorious duties by judges and lawyers here and only then the dignity of the judiciary will remain intact,” he said.

“It is my hope that this judicial arena of our Supreme Court will be illuminated with mutual tolerance, compassion and love.”

The newly appointed chief justice made the remarks at the reception accorded by the Attorney General’s Office and the Supreme Court Bar Association on the first day of judicial proceedings of the new chief justice, UNB reports.
The chief justice said making comments on chief justice and the court without being well-informed does not indicate civility at all.

Quoting former chief justice Habibur Rahman, Obaidul Hasan said, “I also want to say that no judge is above criticism. I firmly believe that the right to criticize a judge’s ruling is an integral part of freedom of speech which is guaranteed by the Constitution, subject to reasonable restrictions imposed by law.”

The chief justice stressed on well-informed criticism to maintain the integrity of independent journalism.

But if someone abuses their freedom, whether it is the media, lawyers or anyone, the court’s has the ability to take appropriate steps, he said

The chief justice urged all concerned to keep the judiciary transparent, corruption-free, independent and in line with the social justice theory.

He also pledged to ensure a fair and accessible judicial system for everyone.

On September 12, President Mohammed Shahabuddin appointed Justice Obaidul Hasan of the Appellate Division as the 24th Chief Justice of Bangladesh.

Justice Obaidul Hassan took oath as the 24th chief justice of the country on September 26. His first judicial working day as chief justice was October 8.