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Nestle launches foods for weight loss drug users in US

Swiss food giant Nestle on Tuesday said it was launching products in the United States for users of increasingly popular weight loss drugs.

The new Vital Pursuit brand is aimed at consumers of GLP-1 weight loss medication, which is used to manage type 2 diabetes and obesity, said Nestle, which owns products including KitKat chocolate and Nespresso coffee pods.

Pizza, pasta and sandwiches at a suggested price of $4.99 or less feature in the new range and will accompany users of weight loss medication by offering food rich in nutrients, protein and fibre, Nestle added in a statement.

The group said the products, due to hit US shelves in the last three months of 2024, would help meet dietary requirements with portion sizes adapted to appetites that wane as people continue their treatment.

According to the American Pharmacists Association, one adult in 60 was prescribed a GLP-1 medication in 2023 and the number is expected to rise this year, Nestle said.

The drugs imitate a hormone secreted by human intestines which in turn stimulates the release of insulin and tames the appetite by producing a feeling of fullness.

Popular brands like Ozempic and Wegovy have taken social media by storm due to their slimming properties to the point where some stocks have run out.

The craze for such treatments has raised questions within the financial community about the growth potential of confectionery makers with products high in fat, sugar and salt.

At its general meeting in April, Nestle came under fierce criticism by some investors who demanded the group set more ambitious goals regarding the share of healthy foods in its sales.