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Quinoa: What makes it such a hyped food?

Whether you visit a café or a fine dining restaurant, when browsing the menu under the ‘healthy bites’ section, one ingredient you will find everywhere is quinoa. From health enthusiasts to gym fanatics, quinoa has been topping the ingredient list for everyone and for good reasons. Gluten-free and packed with essential nutrients, quinoa is the perfect replacement for rice and bread. Whether you are craving something sweet or savory or just want a simple evening snack, quinoa can be used everywhere. But is it worth the hype? The list below suggests it is.

Comes with Antioxidant Properties

Quercetin and kaempferol are two well-known antioxidants found plentifully in quinoa. They help fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, resulting in reduced inflammation and overall well-being.

Can Help Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

There are several reasons why quinoa is regarded as a potent ingredient for controlling blood sugar levels. Quinoa contains high levels of fiber, which helps maintain blood sugar levels by curbing appetite and keeping you full for a long time. Experts believe that replacing complex carbs with quinoa can be a great solution for managing diabetes and reducing insulin resistance. Quinoa also contains magnesium, which helps manage glucose levels by increasing insulin sensitivity.

Helps with Weight Management

When it comes to diet, nutritionists often advise replacing rice or starchy grains with quinoa. It provides more fiber and protein and keeps you full for longer. Also, the low glycemic index of quinoa makes it an ideal ingredient for the diet of diabetes patients.

Improves Gut Health

The fiber present in quinoa plays an essential role in maintaining gut health. It helps with regular bowel movements. Studies have revealed that incorporating quinoa into one’s diet has a positive effect on the gut microbiome by increasing the number of good bacteria.

Apart from these benefits, quinoa is rich in protein and contains all the essential amino acids. Quinoa is considered a safe ingredient for everyone and can be consumed by all. Whether it’s stuffing bell peppers with quinoa or making a simple quinoa khichdi on a rainy day, this superfood is a must for overall health and vitality.