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Arms, ammo smuggling rise in Sylhet

32Amid ongoing political unrest, smuggling of small firearms, high-powered explosives and ammunition into Sylhet are on the increase, which is posing a serious threat to security of life.
On average, 30 illegal firearms are being seized by law enforcers from different parts of the district last two month, RAB sources said.
Illegal firearms, including pistols, revolvers and short-gun, are being smuggled into the Sylhet through border points, detective sources said.
These firearms are being used in political violence and killing of opponents. Recently, a number of people, including some ruling Awami League leaders and activists, were killed by miscreants, most of them by bullet hit in different parts of the country.
According to detective sources, at least 20 to 25 organised criminal gangs are involved in smuggling firearms into the Sylhet and elsewhere.
Of them, at least five gangs have already been identified, detective police said. Some of the gangsters have already caught by the DB police.
During primary interrogation, the arrestees admitted their involvement in illegal arms dealing and drug peddling from several rented houses in the Sylhet.
According to the arrestees, they brought these firearms to the capital for illegal use.
As per confessions of some detained criminals, detective police identified at least three criminal gangs who are active in the Sylhet, DB sources said.
Various listed criminals along with illegal firearms and ammunition are being caught by members of law enforcers, especially by detective police and RAB personnel.
Joint commissioner of the Detective Branch (DB) of Police Sylhet, said several organized gangs of criminals are smuggling arms and ammunition into the country, including the Sylhet, through different bordering points.
The detectives have already prepared a list of the criminals who are buying and renting these arms from smugglers, a DB police officer added.
RAB-9 Director (media) said ‘Now we are more cautious about reported smuggling of such illegal firearms into the Sylhet. Our forces continued massive crackdown to maintain law and order in the country.’