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Protest meeting held in Badhgaow in Chatok

34Thousands of protesters from all works of life held a protest meeting at Shadarai, under Jawa Union of Chattak Upazilla.
The meeting was chaired by the Badhgaow Union Parisad Chairman Awlad Ali Master and conducted by Mr Abul Kashem Khan Kajol. Guest speakers in the meeting included foremer Chairman of Durgapasha Union Mr Rowshan Khan Sagor and leading members of the civil societies including Askor Ali, Haji Tuta Miah, Union Parishad  member Monir Miah, former Union Parishad Members Faisal Ahmed, Akik Miah, Cherag Ali, Abdal Miah, Awami League ward Secretary Romiz Uddin, Doctor Eklasur Rahman, Kazi Abdul Rashid,  Civil societies members, Mashuk Miah, Akil Miah, Arjord Ali, Askor Ali, Faisal Islam, Abdul Noor, Shamshor Miah, Noor Miah, Shuhel Ahmed, Ataur Rahman, Kuaj Ali, Shofique Miah, Abdul Hoque, Amir Ali, Jomshed Miah, Abdul Khalique, Tayab Rahman, Monir Miah, Kala Miah, Nazmul Hussain, Fokrul Islam, Koliur Rahman, Abdur rahim, Abdul Malik,Anwar Hussain, Chomok Ali, Kutub Uddin, Roshok Ali, Dilal Uddin, Syed Miah Ala uddin and others.Addressing the audience, UP Chairman Awlad Ali Master said that UK living Abdul Doyas is a meritorious son of Chatok.  He also said that people of Badhgaow are proud of him. He has been helping the local poor and distressed people without thinking of his own benefit.Former Chairman of Durgapasha Union Rowshon Khan Sagor said that Abdul Dowas came to the area with vast amount of help in many natural and other disasters. As he is engaged actively in charity works in local area, some people could not take it from their heart and has been trying to conspire against him.Haji Totha Miah said that one group has become so jealous at the huge popularity of him that they started to plot against him. He fiercely protested against these types of propaganda and conspiracies.  The speakers strongly condemned the group who instigated the burning of effigy representing Abdul Doyas. They demanded that law enforcing agency should immediately arrest the culprits who are responsible for
burning of Effigy of Abdul Doyas and trying to tarnish the reputation ofhim.  The speakers hugely appreciated the charitable work of Abdul Doyas portrayed him as a  respectable person of Chattak, who at the hour of need, always gave a helping hand to the poor and vulnerable people of the local area. They said in the time of great flood of 2004 & 2008, Mr Doyas came to Bangladesh with a team from UK and distributed blankets, medication, warm clothing, and food relief to more than 5000 people with in various part of Bangladesh and many tube wells for clean water.  They also said that Abdul Doyas is the biggest single donor of the Diabetic Hospital in sunamgonj which currently helps thousands of poor people in sunamgonj. Phir Toqqudus Ali, a local businessman said that we, the Jawa people, cannot forget the great things Mr Doyas has done for the people of Jawa and all over Sunamgonj.  He confirmed that 15 years ago, My Doyas donated taka 50,000 to the Jawa School when it was in dire need to refurbish.  He also added that it was because of Mr Doyas personal request to the EX IGP Nur Mohammed, when the IGP visited Mr Doyas village home at Satar Poi, that the jawa Police camp was transformed in to a Investigation centre.   People now do not have to travel to Chattak Police to lodge a complaint; they can do it here now. They are countless number of good deeds which Abdul Doyas carried out.  he is confident that Mr Doyas’s reputation will not be effected but rather his popularity has increased further, as you can see thousands and thousands of people came to the street in support of the great man Abdul Doyas.  When Mr Doyas was contacted by the reporter, he said that people, who burn the effigy of a human being, cannot be in the best state of their mind.   These people are the sick people of the society, full of jealousy and hatred that need urgent medical help.  These people also and need to have their mental health tested by medical experts, who will then decide if this people are safe to meet other people in the society and the government should act accordingly.When Abdul Doyas was asked who may have instigated the drama of effigy burning, he said that it was clear that Jawa Bazar Committee Chairman drew up this plan to tarnish his reputation.  It’s the Bazar Committee Chairman who gave permission to some ill-motivated people to use the banner of Jawa Bazzar and stage this drama.  He also said that, to date, the Bazar Committee Chairman has not come out in publicto distant himself from the effigy burning neither did he condemned the
appalling act.  So it does not need a huge intelligence to figure out who was behind this drama.  Abdul Doyas mentioned that he fully hold the Jawa Bazar Committee Chairman responsible for this.  He has also said that he will sue the parties who were behind this heinous act.  He will not let those people go easily who has lied against him and gave him false accusations. He has also mentioned that the local people is with him and has been supporting him despite the ill intentions of some few people who are jealous at his goodwill and reputation.