27By Fatema Miah

Isn’t the Current worlds unsettle status continuation of past political ignorance and result of harbouring injustice? Today world facing a very critical state of war between political legitimacy and uncompromising terrorism. War is ongoing between the modern democratical western policy versus malicious deadly terrorism from Middle East and Asian countries. When the Developed countries of west are binding in an agreement of International coalition to take responsibilities towards Under developed countries of their ex-colony, they facing an unpleasant challenging threats of terrorism. Arab and Pakistan terrorism is an ongoing threat to Western world.  Here quoted; about the War and massacre of Bangladeshi  people.

“Tortures, Massacre and Genocide of Bengalis From March to December in 1971, a nine long months of bloody massacre continued, the mass killing of civilians was ordered by the government. A democide of a nation perpetrated before the world and the whole world ignored. Muslim World allowed this mass killing and USA supported the entire oppression and massacre by supplying weapons because they established an agreement of alliance with Pakistan. Killing unarmed public, indecently assaulting women and girls, torturing helpless people, abusing and killing women and children, burning and looting houses, bombing and terrorising people at the gunpoint continued throughout a horrified period of nine long months, according to surviving eyewitness statements. All ill, immoral and inhumane acts have been kept in closed chapters, in this modern ‘politically correct’ world, for forty plus lengthy years of four long decades. As well as targeted educated people many other ordinary people were randomly picked at, the military either took them away or killed them on the spot by shooting with guns. Sadly, all this ill, heart throbbing atrocities have been as well as reported by some western reporters, were witnessed by surviving victims’ and dead victims’ family members. They targeted students of all ages including school aged. According to few survivors, on the hand of malicious Pakistanis, boys’ under the age of seven and eight were brutally tortured too, by the Pakistani Military Perpetrators. ( A Bangali survivor mentioned in his speech, In Birmingham, on a commemorational day, in March 2011, and another survivor/ child sufferer stated in March 1993, about this kind of sorrowful stories they witnessed and suffered.) Girls of similar age were abducted and taken away by perpetrators’ and were found dead in result of brutally indecent assaults. The perpetrators all were Pakistanis and it is shame that they call themselves Muslims. The Muslim world allowed all this Anti- Islamic acts by the so-called ‘Muslims’ and the Islamic world is still silent about it, is that why they are facing such cruelty in today’s date. The military used to take Illiterate men (field worker, boatmen,
ishermen, etc.) away at the gunpoint, kept them by intimidating and forced them to work. Reference below, R.J. Rummel quoted. “Bengalis were often compared with monkeys and chickens. Said Pakistan General Niazi, ‘It was a low lying land of low lying people.’ The Hindus among the Bengalis were as Jews to the Nazis: scum and vermin that [should] best be exterminated. As to the Moslem Bengalis, they were to live only on the sufferance of the soldiers: any infraction, any suspicion cast on them, any need for reprisal, could mean their death. And the soldiers were free to kill at will. The journalist Dan Coggin quoted one Punjabi captain as telling him, ‘We can kill anyone for anything. We are accountable to no one.’ This is the arrogance of Power.” They also killed farmers during the harvest season while harvesting, during the harvest time of their hard laboured plough crops. I am aware of families were absolutely destroyed because of all their male members of extensive family, were killed. The malicious perpetrators lined up dozens of helpless people and shot then dead to assert their evil power. The female Survivors’, family members of the victims were given strict instruction by their male members of family for them to hide behind the busses in fear of indecent assaults. The survivors’ described their horrified, heartfelt deadly sorrow. They explained their experience of watching their loved one being victimised, tortured and killed on the hand of cruel military and they watched in horror, it felt like a deadly thorn torn them apart from within, a scream like a gust of wind jolted inside them, though they could not let it out in fear. The entire family and their extensive relatives suffered this devastating loss for decades and bore the pain of loss together with emotional, psychological and financial suffering. The War Survivors witnessed bloodshed on the ground, ran across the land like a stream of river. The land was coloured with human blood like a sheet of blanket, as the survivors explained it and according to witness statements. This is not a sci-fi or an action movie. Three Hundred thousands of Bengali civilians were killed and more than twenty six thousands girls and women were indecently assaulted by Pakistani perpetrators and most were killed. The Hypocrites Pakistani politicians made statements and excuses to justify their cruelty that they are on Islamic duty of Jihad to kill Kafirs – the non-Muslims, for sake of Islam and God. Killing Hindus was their justified prime assigned task. R.J. Rummel quoted confession of a Pakistani soldier “we were told to kill the Hindus and Kafirs (non-believer in God). One day in June, we cordoned a village and were ordered to kill the Kafirs in that area. We found all the village women reciting from the Holy Quran, and the men holding special congregational prayers seeking God’s mercy. But they were unlucky. Our commanding officer ordered us not to waste any time.” They perpetrated ill, immoral and malicious acts. All this forbidden sins in the name of God and they call themselves Muslims. Eventually, Bangladesh gained its Independence in December at a BLOODY cost, with India’s support after nine months of BLOODY battle. After nine long and bloody months of struggle, by suffering and with loss, and at the cost of bloodshed, the nation eventually became independent, what they call it. The nation gained the independence by walking over ruins. With loss and sorrow, after all, proudly it was a glorious victory. A fraction of divided Bengali Ethnicity gained the titled independence and eventually later it is acknowledged and declared as the Bangladeshi Nationality. Whereas, Bengali people of West Bengal while harbouring their heritage, richness of Language and idiosyncrasy, they have lost the identity of their Geographical Nationalism.”

Fatema Miah Solihull, UK.