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Political power play and blindness for position allowinginjustice and causing damages to societies

By Fatema Miah :

War crime and genocide issues are international matters because of the globalisation and international Justice System that was formed and agreed by United Nation post World War II.  During the 2nd world war according to the reports and records, it was about sixty to seventy million people were killed over the duration of six years’ war. During the 1st World war the death toll reported was three million. Very respectfully, Remembrance Day and International holocaust day are preserved to remember the death and suffering bought by war, to educate people about war and history, and minutes of silence held to respect the dead participants for their sacrifice and sympathised for the victims.  History is a great lesson where valuable aspects of human interactive and reactive acts and consequences are taught from it. However, despite being aware of the consequences of war world’s political figures do get involve in war.

In any case, Political power seeking is always behind any war. Whether the past war bought defeat or victory, the political figures, even in reluctance, while being aware of the consequences of public suffering during the war is unavoidable and definite in most situations, do respond back with military power to back attack, if not initiating the war. In the same situation there is always the other side whom are eager to fight, rigid and are challenging or oppressing the issues to an extreme level of igniting the fire. Many chapters of history is written from many different perspective. Some are manipulated, some truth oppressed and denied, some disregarded and, some acknowledged and condoned. Overall the true recorded incidents of manmade catastrophe are eventually recalled.

After the World War II, for the 1st time in the history, the Justice was done against the war criminals. The United Nation and international court of Justice was set to conduct such acts of plea for the war crime against humanity. And such International Court of Justice System is in place at present. During the war on terror period, in early 21st century, Saddam Hussain the former president of Iraq and his collaborators were pleaded guilty of Genocide and Crime against humanity, therefor they were chased and searched by military and brought to International Court of Justice and sentenced to death. Saddam Hussain’s (the former President of Iraq) crime against humanity, as he was reported of attacking and killing other ethnic/religious sect’s people of his country were reported by his opponents and victims. Saddam was anti USA and a challenge to west, the international Justice court sentenced Saddam to death and dismantled its regime.

Bangladesh war of Independence is an international Genocide Issue, Perpetrated by Pakistan which was supported by USA and the attack and killing was witnessed and reported by British, Canada and Australia along many others. Sadly Arab world remained watching in silent. Pakistan is a Muslim country to the eye of Arab League, hypocritically, allowing tortures and abuses in the name of Islam made into a culture.  About three millions were reported and acknowledged killed.  Almost ten thousands were killed in one night in Dhaka itself in March 1971 by Pakistani military, reported in Sydney ‘Morning Herald’ and in New York Times. Further, looting, terrorising, child abuses, rape continued for nine months. Actual death toll of Bengalis during the war in Bangladesh in 1971 is still not agreed and the justice is not done against the Pakistani war criminals.

Bangladeshi mass genocide reports are clearly recorded in the International genocide archive though, it is not enlisted as an International Day of Remembrance along with other enlisted Genocide Topic, as such as Holocaust of Jews by Nazi, Vietnam and Kosovo, etc.  International Justice Systemseeking agreement from Pakistan about their criminal acts against humanity. Whereas, International justice systemidentified some Pakistani political figures being guilty of genocide of Bengalis in 1971, decades later, due to Bangladeshi people’s strong urges alongside with United Nations, the decades long repressed Bangladesh genocide Issue brought to light. Pakistan at the time, a developing Asian country, Competing with India, inter connected with Iran and developed nuclear power, claiming a Muslim State, formed strong collaboration with USA gaining a name in the west, while oppressed its own internal  ongoing oppression, and the Segregational Unsettle  issues within Pakistan, Pakistan’s name came up with its criminal acts against humanity.    A commission of investigation on this was set, under Hamdur Rahman.

Pakistani and their manipulation; Hamdur Rahman a Pakistani Supreme Court Justice given the responsibility to look into the Issue. Hamdur Rahman Commission while conducting on the genocide issue, rather debated on the actual genocide figure acknowledged United Nation and International court of Justice. Hypocritical play; by deducting a large number from the International acknowledged genocide figure, denying killing and raping Muslims in Bangladesh, disgracefully manipulative Pakistanis can attest their valid moral stance before the world. Shame on my fellow Muslims faith men and women and Arab world specially, to allow standing alongside such hypocritePakistanis. The Justice for crime against humanity is not still served.

In regards to Bangladeshi people, political figures are self-centred focusing into political position at any cost.  Majority people seems to be divided into political groups and harbouring anger, causing damages to each other and more to the country and nationality itself. The human right issue is neglected and War Criminals allowed free, rather personal enemity taken out on people under the power. Also too many Bangladeshi political figures and groups are formed here in UK, question arises, doing what? Claiming and gaining leadership here in UK is another culture has been formed. Any productive gained?

Bangladeshi ethnic young people are falling vulnerable under the International political rivalry of West verses Middle Eastern fanaticism in spite of having too many community leaders appearing on TV screens, holding and seeking leadership position. People are failing to promote and influence with right values into the society.  Without basic knowledge, lacking in wisdom and understanding, people are given nuclear physic, rocket science formula, where nonexistence of basic practises of mannerism and Islamic code of basic practises people are allowed and instructed to give dhawa (delivering Islamic preaching), and hence enhancing insolence attitude in individuals.

Reverting back to Politics and Genocide of Bangladeshis; to bring justice and to maintain a fair society, and to bring peace to world people should stand together for justice against manipulation and appeal to the International court of Justice to bring the war criminals to Justice, rather than seeking position.

Fatema Miah

Solihull, UK