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School building cracks in Sylhet, holiday announced

44The Pathantula campus of Scholars Home School in Sylhet has closed down for a day after parents protested over cracks in the school building.

The principal Jubair Siddiqi said one day is required to repair the cracks and declared Monday a holiday.
However, he claimed the crack was not an aftermath of the earthquake.
“The building has been constructed according to the building code. There’s no risk of life here.” He said.
Building engineer Matasin Ali told  “the crack resulted due to poor construction material, not because of earthquake. The crack was there before, however, the earthquake might have widened it.”
One of the guardians Shakir Hossain said some of the students got scared after seeing the cracks on the walls on fourth, fifth and sixth floors and informed their parents. Later worried parents came to the school and protested.
School authority instantly declared the day off to bring the situation in control.
On Saturday noon a 7.9 magnitude of earthquake in Nepal shook Bangladesh, India and Chinese Tibet and caused much damage .
Many after shocks and one measuring 6.7 followed on Sunday.
The death toll in Nepal exceeded 3200 till Monday.
In Bangladesh, number of buildings have tilted or cracked.
At least four people have died as wall collapsed, in stampede or by boat capsize.