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South Korea shuts 2,000 schools as Mers cases rise

12South Korean authorities have ordered nearly 2,000 schools closed nationwide to prevent the spread of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (Mers), reports Al Jazeera.
The Health Ministry on Monday reported 23 new infections, bringing the total to 87. Six people have so far died in the outbreak.
Reflecting public concern among parents, 1,869 schools across the country are due to be closed on Monday, the Education Ministry said.
The government also said it would track people who may have been in contact with patients through their mobile phones.
Over 2,300 people were under quarantine as of Sunday, some in healthcare facilities but most at home.
Deputy Prime Minister Choi Kyung-hwan said there was no reason to believe that the virus would significantly spread further in the country.
“So far, all the Mers cases have been hospital-associated, and there has been no case of an infection in other social settings. We think we have a chance at putting the outbreak under total control,” Choi said.