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Bangladesh U-19 cricketer Nihaduzzaman injured in bus crash

44Bangladesh Under-19 cricketer Nihaduzzaman was one of nearly 40 individuals to suffer injuries in a bus accident near Sirajganj, about 100 km northwest of Dhaka, in which seven people died. Nihaduzzaman needed 12 stitches to his skull and forehead and said he was released from hospital under the condition of full rest at home in Rajshahi.

He was heading back after completing a BCB High Performance training programme in Bogra when the incident happened. The bus, run by Desh Travels, collided with another one, and within seconds a truck rammed into the rear of the Desh Travels bus.

Nihaduzzaman said medical help had been scarce and thanked his friend Naeem Islam jnr for making sure he did not lose consciousness until he was put on a bus to Natore, the nearest town in the area. Naeem hurt his leg in the ordeal.

“I was bleeding from my forehead and two other places,” Nihaduzzaman told ESPNcricinfo. “Naeem bhai called our physio Moon bhai who told him to make sure that I don’t go unconscious or start to vomit. I was losing a lot of blood but there was nothing in sight, not even a hut.

“So I wrapped my head with my T-shirt while Naeem bhai tried to get me into the ambulance. The problem was, seven people had died and more than 40 people were injured so there was not enough room for me in the ambulance. After about two hours we got a bus and were taken to Natore town nearby. I couldn’t find my phone but thankfully Naeem bhai was there. I really needed someone to help me to the bus to Natore.

“In Natore, the doctors hurriedly gave me the stitches, but it wasn’t great. I couldn’t blame them since they were only three and we had about 40 people looking for medical attention. I managed to call a friend in Rajshahi, who came quickly and picked me up. I was admitted to Islami hospital in Rajshahi where they re-did my stitches and I was released this afternoon. I am at home now.”

While trying to locate him, this reporter spoke to his father who said, “It is Allah’s grace that he is still among us. It was a horrific accident.”

Nihaduzzaman said he was feeling better and was out of danger. He will undergo a CT scan and pass on the results to the BCB by Saturday. “I think I have to submit all my medical reports to the BCB. I am not sure if I will be going to Dhaka though. The Rajshahi divisional team’s first National Cricket League (first-class) game is in Rajshahi so I don’t know if I should stay here. The doctors have asked me for rest. I still have pain in my head.”

The BCB has offered him full support, and is likely to ask him to come to Dhaka for precautionary measures.