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Hajj: Squaring Up at Makkah is Centre of Both The Spiritual and Material Worlds

By Shofi Ahmed:

Muslims from around the world in their millions have squared up at the heart of the earth. The best of the best journeys: going for the Hajj. It’s one of the five pillars of Islam. All financially able adult Muslims are required to perform the Hajj at least once in a lifetime. Reaching out to this holiest of the holy ground we will give a scientific look as well.

The Muslim populace from across the globe is being gathered on the holy ground around the Ka’aba. We all know the location where the Ka’aba is. Yet it’s evernew. For the believers a mu’meen or a mu’meena individually and the ummah as a whole this way is always new. However, there lies more in the surprise bag. Never can you put a full stop on this good old route. The reward is tremendous!

We know this is the square patch of land being walked over since the time immemorial. Till to date, there isn’t a split second gap it holds the weight of the masses from all walks of life. It’s never old! Just how much can it stretch to is anyone’s guess. The Arafah accommodates the venue for the Hajj.

The Messenger of Allah (salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “ الحج عرفة “ or “Hajj is Arafah“. The Arabic text implies a very important concept of the meaning of Hajj. This short statement means that the whole hajj and its validity is confined in the actual day of Arafah i.e. Hajj becomes valid only when the day of Arafah is observed and witnessed by those who undertake the journey, the pilgrims. Regardless of how long the hujjaj stay in Makkah, if they missed that single day, they have then missed the whole Hajj.

Adam (alaihis salam) descends to a deep earth. His heavenly bold step spread across he couldn’t stop walking. He couldn’t touch down the bottom where he could stop and meet his wife Hawwa. Till he arrived in Makkah and as we know he discovered it in Arafah. Descended from the heaven and found on earth. On the plain of Arafah, his prayer was accepted. And the only heavenly pair Adam and Hawwa ‘get acquainted, a meaning of which is Arafah. The mundane and the sacred the two confined contraries on the other sides of the poles merge together.

That’s a characteristic of this hallowed soil it could stretch to the length. To transcended level. Yet simultaneously can draw close resisting at down to earth level. Where that happens there we can find the interface of the spiritual and material worlds. That manifests at the holy of the holiest soils of Ka’aba! In other words, Ka’bah based in Makkah is the centre of both the spiritual and material worlds.

Given that it’s the main of the spirit and matter it begs the question how either one doesn’t overflow at once that it can resist the counterpart at its peak? The answer isn’t as difficult as the question is. It’s simple that’s a timeless learning curve for every new generation in diverse time and space. It, therefore, leaves us with an arithmetic to delve in at any given time. In other words, people will experience it in a timeless fashion as indeed people square up here every year for the Hajj.

Which way shall we go down to earth or a far cry from the stars? Shall we look at it’s sheer transcended aspect or at the common mundane base? Either way, we pick we will see the surprise bag down the lane is full. Because be it spiritual or material both centre is in Ka’aba.

If we go for the material aspect of the Ka’aba there are scientific discoveries have been made. Some are available online. That could help us understand this complex subject more simply. Science is a premium tool to study and better understand the physical world which is not only surrounding us but constitutes our physical bodies as well. It’s, therefore, an integrated part of us.

Our physical integration can be described in a multitude of forms. However, when it’s up for scientific definition it got to be precise. Now we may ask how do we define the precise equation in this matter. The truth is the bona fide scientific definition of science is even debatable in the scientific community. Nonetheless, in the broad sense, the science is quite mathematical.


The globe is wide open perfectly curved that couldn’t be smoother. That’s in its vivid diversity upholds the masterstrokes that manifest it evenly at all directions. It’s, therefore, emerges in full circle imparting the plethora for the living beings. For the inquisitive minds the globe or by any other name we may call it it’s identified by its prolific characteristic its nature. That simply exposes it which prevails as the breeding ground for constant inspirations as well. It’s an enduring fact. So is true the components that seize the mass is just a circle. Forever in a flawless flow. In fact, it isn’t entirely plain however its sheer complexity in unparalleled symmetry. In other words, the skeleton, the underlying structure of the material world is mathematical which scientists

unanimously agree with.

Moreover, the globe is laid onto mathematical structure is better compatible with our Makkah. We will see as you read down this article In Shaa Allah. Math is done by evaluating the value of the numbers. A number can be a digit or consists of digits for instance 1 and 2 are two numbers and two digits. Then 12 is one number consists of two digits. The value of a digit depends on its place, or position, in the number. Notably, the position of the number putting it in the right place and finding its value is core to mathematics.

The position of a number got to work out mathematically. For its existence, it must hold a unique value. That could be on its own or within a calculated surrounding set or within one that contains numerical variables. With the value lurking in its mathematical arrangement.

Throughout the history, Makkah in all aspects been put under the microscopes. And more so in our contemporary high tech world, it has been scrutinised mathematically. What’s comes out is amazing. It appears that the arithmetic standing of Makkah a; utterly on its own, and b; it equates x,y,z the complete global variable sets.

Here in the link below we can see Prof. Dr. Yehia Wazeri, another scientist discovered the central position of Maakkah in the world. He shows that Makkah  is located in the center of four circles that pass through the edges of the dry Land of the world’s seven continents and the geographical centers of the new world continents.