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Formation of Pakistan

Fatema Miah:

Chapter 2, my book –  Unspoken.

The  formation of Pakistan was in partial blindness of greed and ego, together with total inconsideration. A meaningless name was just randomly uttered and announced, by obliterating origins and ethnicities, by denying identification of civilizations, equally as well as being hypocritical to Islam. Therefore, the entire Country Pakistan is bearing the results of the current unsettled on-going status.

Those who call themselves Muslims and claim Islam to be their religion, while acknowledging the ‘Pakistanism’ was right under that circumstances, during the Partition of India, they clearly are failing to recognise that they are not proving themselves to be rightfully Muslims.  What is the meaning of Pakistan?  For instance of India, another name is Hindustan. This means, the land on the shore of the Hind Ocean. Hind is the name of Indian Ocean and stan means the land. What is the relativity of Pakistan in this sense?

There are clearly numbers of points prove the word ‘Pakistan’ is logically wrong.  Pakistani people refer the Indians as Hidus by religion therefore, India is the land of Hindu People.  In that sense, what is Pakistan? Land of what kind of or type of people?  Also ill mannerisms of most Pakistani general people and poor management on the part of most officials and politicians proved they are hypocrites and un-Islamic.

Word Pak with an added i at the end has no relativity with Islam. Letter P isn’t in Arabic alphabets. Arabic spoken people pronounce Pakistan with phonic B, and they call it Bakistan. Anyway, according to Italian Historical Author Gianni Sofri, word Pakistan is an acronym of several provinces of West India where Muslim tribes’ integral cultures matched with neighbouring countries Afghanistan and Iran. In that sense, how Bangladesh or a Region of Bengal with its own Ethnic People having a sophisticated rich language of their own, varieties of food of their own taste and respective of equality can be Pakistani?

Question arises in this regard, did Bangladesh or East Bengal rightly come under the republic of Pakistan or was it deceptively taken in, or was it forced under Pakistani dictatorial power?  Well, the question answers by its-self. Bangladesh could never be Pakistan. Full stop! Why not and why should also have obvious answers. If question arises why not, needn’t be answered, because it is absolutely obvious that ‘Pakistan’ word itself is meaningless on the comparison scale of Bangladesh (the origin of Bengal) and Hindustan (known as India), where they both have their natural connection and identification of their civilizations’.

Solim-Ullah’s son Khawaja Nazim-Uddin failed to promote Bengalis interest, during his political post, being the chief minister of Pakistan. The Curzon Hall of the University has been use for Pakistani Political Conferences against Bengali people’s rights. Furthermore, later on, the same University became the target point. Neither could Khawaja Nazim Uddin resist the massacre of 21st of February in 1952, while he was the Prime Minister of the so-called ‘Islamic Republic’ of Pakistan.

Chapter 6, my book – Unspoken

Power Greed and Formation of Pakistan has a strong link. Muslims, especially those political Figures so called ‘Muslims’  joined Muslim Leagues wanted their Political position at any cost.

In the whole picture of Pakistan formation, there isn’t any match to Bengal, therefore why should East Bengal a remote region, 1,700-kilo metres away, be Part of Pakistan.  Bengalis have their own ethos, aroma and a sophisticatedly expressive language. Should religion form a country of its own?

Looking at Iraq’s sectarianism, Pakistani Tribal intolerances and history of world’s migration in the past centuries, teaches that a country shouldn’t be made in the name of a religion only. Rather, tolerance of differences should be encouraged. Phrase ‘live and let live’ is the best solution to all.

Islam doesn’t instruct followers to create secularism. Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) demonstrated his democratic practises.  Further, Islamic respectable Khalifa the representatives practised the same during their leadership. It is matter of interpretation that people use it for their convenience, and they try to justify their actions to mislead

Unspoken book,  dedicated to my late father Alhaj Mohammed Shujat Ali and his elder brother my late uncle Alhaj Ulama Gulzar Ali of Khadim Pur, Usmani Nagor, Sylhet.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com