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Rohingyas and Rakhine state to be part of Bangladesh (?)

Fatema Miah:


The Rohyngya issue still hasn’t been solved. Rohingyas are suffering on the hand of Myanmar military under  Myanmar government or vise-versa, the Myanmar government is in syncronity with it’s government, there is no doubt.

Every possible approach tried from outside to end military insurgency against Rohingya people. Vast majority Rohingya people escaped and took shelter in Bangladesh for years now. We British here voiced against Myanmar, made our UK military training suspended to Myanmar for Myanmar’s military cruelty towards  Rohingya people.

Britain spoke to Myanmar warned against this text book ethnic cleansing. United Nation spoke against it. Oxford striped off Laureate Award from Suu Kyi. The attacks and the military attacks on Rohingyas continued. Charity orgs working across UK and providing aids to Rohingya people.

Myanmar military wants to free Rakhine state from Rohingya people. Rohingya people room shelter in Bangladesh, living in a refugee camps, in a unsettle, poor condition as refugees and u willing to go back or to shift to a new place planned for their settlement, in a new Ireland.

USA after all now has come up with a great solution. Rakhine that was initially Rohingyas wanted to make independent, and Myanmar refused, now USA suggesting to bring the same Rakhine state out of Myanmar with Military action against Myanmar to make it part of Bangladesh.

Since Rohingya people are unwilling to go back from Bangladesh, there Myanmar is their home land ordering with Bangladesh, Rohingyas living in an unsettle and unstable state, with lost identity, and causing pressure on the envimemt there in Bangladesh, Bringing Rakhine state into Bangladesh for Rohingyas is a great option.

USA willingly offering military support Against Myanmar military, to bring Rakhine state out of Myanmar to join it to Bangladesh. Rakhine state on its own an Independent state to be Independent cannot run itsself. Rohingyas doesn’t seem to be sufficient enough to run an state, be able to govern, maintain and be able to protect it.

I couldn’t see Rohingya to be part Bangladesh in the long run. Bangladesh government did right keeping Rohingya people separate, made law on it to prevent marriages, to directly allowed to mingle and run across in Bangladesh straight away.  While i am strongly against discrimination, here  it is citizenship matter; matter of identity and their due rights.

Rohingya people were oppressed for decades, deprived of education and service knowledge.  Rohyngyas are Holding tightly on to, too clingy to Bangladesh. Bangladesh has its space and coping capacity. Bangladesh is highly densely populated, sea level rising coastal country. Bangladesh has it’s own needs. There are conflicts of wills and income deprivations.

After all, law and order, safety and security are  concern aspects. Since Rohingya people refused to move out to the new Ireland for settlement, neither willing to return back to under Myanmar, neither are able to fight to separate Rakhine from Myanmar, and had to run into Bangladesh to escape with rear lives, here only solution left is to bring Rakhine state part of Myanmar into Bangladesh, although it’s not the option 1.

Option 1, as the first priority was to get Rohingya people their due rights in their country Myanmar. It hasn’t been possible with Myanmar’s Buddhists’ hate  towards Rohingyas. Making Rakhine an independent state separated from Myanmar, it would be difficult to run by Rohingyas since they aren’t protecting governing capacity. The border security certainly is a critical matter on the Myanmar side.

Rohingya people after enduring all the oppression, cruelty and massacres, it won’t  be an option to allow Rohingya people back to the hand of Myanmar military ( cat cannot be trusted with rats). It’s a delicate issue.  The other, an sceptical point does USA hope to colonise in Rakhine for it’s interest in the Bay of Bengal Sea?  Mmm, the least favour able option would be to allow chance for  USA to colonisation in Rakhine.

Overall, for benefit of all, with the support of USA, it might be a good solution to separate Rakhine state from Myanmar, and to be brought into  Bangladesh with a new treaty  signed with Rakhine by selecting Rakhine state governors under the responsibility and observation of UN and other allied countries, ie Malaysia etc.

Then again, final reflective points would be;

with USAs interference, ( eg, previous Arab regional unrest caused,)  would Rakhine state anyhow can turn into a sore point for Bangladesh like Israel in Arab?

Myanmar on the other side, Bangladesh will have caused enemy against the Myanmars ruthless military.

Would there any discrimination issue likely to be risen ?

How much Rohingya people will with appreciation be abide under Bangladesh governance?