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Is India swinging  aerosol-mace  in all direction? Mr Zakir Naiks unfit speeches politically  incorrect though not to persecution level. 

Fatema Miah:

Kashmir issue turned into worldwide matter since the article 370 revoked by Indian Government earlier this month Aug ’19.  Pakistan got a clear chance  about Kashmir. There the Kashmiri people, want to be independent or Pakistan in this the entire world is engaged in. Pakistan making Kashmir as Muslims dutiful act Jihad and inciting Bangladeshi Muslims to react in it as if that’s really Jihad, ignoring  Uyghur Muslims and Bengali India Muslims  real sufferings.
I wrote against Indian Government injustice towards Muslims in India, specially in Bengal, I called for worlds attention in that matter, and  many other voices rose questioning about Indias democracy,  there suddenly heated up this issue, was it deliberately changed  direction to shift the focus off the  attacks on Muslims? Modi government anyhow couldn’t justify injustice, RSSs attacks on Indian Muslims let alone to dialogue with worlds on international deplomatic state about attacks. Rather Modi government sneaked off Muslims attacking issue.  Kashmir although is a conflicting matter, it’s also controversial.
There Pakistan, no matter which government comes in,  their aim is always to push India and to draw entire world under their tactics.  Pakistan now, recently are very open in their tactics of speech and trying to emotional play with Bangladesh and draw Bangladesh emotionally to their word play. And there in Bangladesh, people are drawn into this play about Kashmir, calling it heaven and Muslim duty.  There, it is known Kashmir region is a terrorists place, Muslims making mistakes falling in  tricks, Pakistan having a clear reason to politicise it.
About Kashmir, why Kashmiri people don’t cooperate with Indian governments rule. Why they need article 370 and 35a? Why Kashmir regions land  shouldn’t be brought by people, specially other Indians? Who buy the land there if outsiders cannot purchase any? Doesn’t such policy implication make it Plutocratic rule in this democratic world?  Why shouldn’t other Indians be allowed to, or given the freedom of moving across to that region by buying properties, or building on the land there? What is the reservation about?  Why such discrimination?
Whereas, about marriages, although it’s  clear discrimination and that regional the entire Western regional area, most in Pakistan, (western pakistan certainly) are and have been racists towards others per they having certain colourless, blunt palely skin colour with a certain deformed kind of, (Babar like)   facial structure though they are highly egoistic and entire world bowing down to their ego, giving in to their ego and careless, rigid nature. Why? Their sly tactics and magic of what? Their crocodile facial expression compels and deceive the entire world.  There Muslims are under oppression, in real pain and suffering, even under their fellow Pakistani beings and world ignore, and they selfishly divert worlds focus to them.
India play with water, harrassing Bangladesh  and cause suffering to Bangladeshi people. There, Indian people having shortages of water, when management must be sort appropriately to allow the water flow with the seasons. India must stop playing with water ways.  There Pakistan Indias open enemy attacking India from all directions (along the border lines), India provoking Kashmir, Aggravating  Bangladesh; with Water issue, inciting Hindus against Muslims, and playing political twists. There China siding with Pakistan attacking on Indian.
Indian government in passion to stay in power, supporting RSS and allowing hate politics against Muslims.  In doing so, Muslims scholars are harrassed with false alligation. There, Zakir Naik had to seek asylum in  Malaysia. Zakir Naik surely speak in irritating manner, though there is no law, or shouldn’t be a law to punish people those are not preferable type.  There must be dialogue with Zakir Naik about his irritating talking manner and there they could put a condition in place  of to maintain political correctness system in his talk/ speech, also the political correctness must be legitimate fair democratic with the value of respect. No way Indian government anyhow have any right to put a verdict on Zakir Naik with false alligation for his talks linking to terrorism when there  isn’t.
For politically correct justice and rights of talking,  Zakir Naik shouldn’t be persecuted  in India or anywhere. Equally, Bangladesh government had right to close Zakir Naiks channel in Bangladesh under the distressing and critical situation, when people even one or two took wrong message from Zakir Naiks talks.   It is also understandabe that Hindu idol worshipers  might find Zakir Naik talk irritating.  In such situation, pakistan must take Mr Zakir Naik. They won’t because although  Zakir Naik might be irritating Hindus by his talk, though  Zakir Naik wouldn’t favour Pakistani terrorism making and harbouring politics, pakistanis twisting play of  Islam, Pir figures system, and per contradiction friction  would cause there.
There India made bond with Arab Emirates league at the same time while India, the Modi government nurturing RSS Muslim hate group against Indian Muslims.  India must take step to control RSS and allow peace and justice for Indian Muslims.  About Zakir Naik, I suggest from what  perceived from observation of aroused scenarios of the exchanges, in conclusion:   Indian government must allocate the matters Indian government  raised against  Zakir Naik,  to an  International seminar to draw a plan about Zakir Naiks preaching to be withing the International global diversity respect.
Zakir Naik so far hasn’t committed any terrorism act or hasn’t instructed one neither, therefore there is no option of persecution.  For educational purposes and to allowing out expressions and perspective to be aware of their thoughts,  Mr Zakir Naiks researches and debates should be allowed;  in suitable, balanced and  his definition correction must be affirmed by a set committee before pronounced out to prevent misleading and offences.

Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com