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People loud vocalising being Muslims though often only to Burk. (Kingdom rise and fall.)  Bangladesh National Anthem 

Fatema Miah:

Bangladesh National Anthem is a fine choice and if question arises to change it, should it be changed at all? Preachers, don’t just hate for your inner zeal and intolerance. Hate what is disgusting and damaging. Do not create work and task force to tackle when there is no problem to tackle, that’s taking the focus, energy and productive time for nothing thus waste.  Those love earthy heaven Kashmir, do go and fit in there. Let the world for Isa Jesus pbuh to handle on his return, per he’ll be returned for Mankind not only for Muslims, because the Creator has love for all creations and both Rabindranath Tagore and Nazrul Islam are part of the creation.  Here word ‘Kazi’ our Muslims never refrain from misuse or random  word titles.  I fall a little short in explaining to 4th to 6th generations of Asian British Muslims about the titles, for example word  Kazi title to a poet, and pir sahib , kaide Azm, etc.
Majority those claim Muslims do show aggression,  liers and rigid also dubious vindictive, filthy heart and sick minded often appear to be. Unlike those few greatman with pure heart and clear mind. These days, in this decade, it’s became preaching is must with rage to beat others off as race,  gets to actual biting or beating up. There Muslim men, some, have exercised power over women shamefully and women now have pulled the rope off, what it looks like, in Asian societies, Pakistani men I saw were scared of women and rejected and pushed down compel, also there Bengali women have pulled, have taken up the sticks off the men’s hands, despite these men being slapped on faces, go out and act hypocrites. They blame Kuffars and by doing so, they go back to empower their women compelled buttering up. Men and women slagging off each other behind the back, no loyalty, no genuinity, no depth of trust and no privacy of promises, neither honestly in emotions.
There certainly no guts in most Muslims men  to stand up to essential disciplinary stance to acknowledge the wrongs to be apologetic, with order of option being prepared to take consequential final decision,  to be clear to Allah, and for social justice, to prevent shameful and hurtful remarks that’s could leave deep scars, and spread with wind like virus and reflect under different  lights in different angles, instead of to sneak off, to deny and to be acting unaware in fear, fear off what?  Women’s manipulation play, these kind of women do that anyway , and these men are pressed under.  For the ignorants and denying they play Islam against Islam, and after all, nowadays,  its the kuffars word and they do fake laughers together like vampires. And men with no much energy, give into those women to play Islam weaponise it to their hormonal suits and their vicious manner as and when, because women not fighting their men to be westernised in this era, so let them speak against kuffars play Islam.
Kuffar versus preachers words, I cant say kuffar versus anyone else because the preachers don’t favour  anybody except for who and what they pick up at the time being (depending on their mood, or desire to side with who and what being said or read), so it’s timely matter.  Hadith has been made up to fit with as and when, that’s been repeatedly said. Quran also used and play as to fit in, (not been unsaid). Politics is the main factor of those plays as and always. There is a biggest part is, people fall in for words and unknowing put strenght to it.  For example of Kashmir, it’s ok to give voice on political matter, though they blindly misleading people with Islam again, making it Jihad, Kashmir the heaven. Same about Rohingyas matter, it is a genocide issue and ethnic cleaning, though it wasn’t Bengali matter as they made as. Stand up is right though twisting it to allow irony to be born  will be costly for Bangladesh.
STOP! I say, stop Bengali people, shup up for a while. Allow few seconds to see the direction where wind is blowing in from before running against it. Anyway, another headache is already caused about Rohingyas. If you Muslims shouting, the nonsense talkers , those unproductive good for nothing, logic less, sense less spoke up taken Islam for granted, the Rohingyas more useless, cried Islam will bit you up with same sense less. Irony caused here. You Islam shouting now go and bit kuffars on your guts, when Rohingyas will play other ways.  Instead of talk, go and stop fraud agents. No. You only want to speak. And for that you have your own listeners. You doing any good for Islam? No. Knowledge and wisdom is must. Prudence is must with kindness.
People must Stop kuffar hating preaching and fear Allah the creator. Don’t make Islam a business banner to be used with wrongs. Rabindranath Tagore was a East Bengal regional king, he listened to the East Bengali Muslim peasants and reduced their tax to their affordability, (he wasn’t an idol worshipper, he referred to the creator, The Iswar). Regardless, faith shouldn’t be a reason anyhow.  There is no comparison of him to Nazrul Islam who was a poet only. Being a freedom seeker, yes, though who didn’t seek freedom from British Empire?  Nazrul Islam a homeless, bondless, without any major responsibility of any kind, unlike Rabindranath Tagore, who had  political, state owning, family heritage descendant casted upon for accountability of family lineage image to bore forward alongside British Knighthood. The knighthood after all, at the end he dared to return in favour of Own country men’s right.  The burden he shook off was way grater than Nazrul Islam on the comparison.  Nazrul Islam wrote and sang; vazon, kirtan and in his poems he addressed Boghoban.   It’s not Iman to play favouritism between Nazrul Islam and Rabindranath Tagore.  Nazrul Islam has never been happy with East Bengal  the Muslims people, don’t forget or ignore the fact. About Dhaka University, why anyone be wrong questioning;  why Nawab Salim Ullahs region  in that era with a tight mentality of Mughal and farsi mixture culturesm and anti kuffars, they already have rejected kuffar culture and education, why would they need an university?
Further more what was Dhaka? Compare to Northern and Western regions, Dhaka was a dumping ground and a scape space formerly, don’t forget. The Sylhet was a hierarchical state.  The etiquette and vocabulary those days were match to control rulling era. Then again, the Dhaka was Salim Ullahs deception, and so was Lord Carzons tricking point to Bengal division  (Later on Pakistanis torture gallow.) Otherwise, todays Bangladesh could have been as the original Entire Bengal bordering to Hyderabad, including, Bihar, Urisa, Banaras, West Bengal,  Assam and Tripura. Question about Salim Ullahs son Khawaja?  By the way, My paternal family line belongs to Brahman king, of Tagore association and cast, and relation, during Raj sovereignty, the Braman, Takur  Rajas son rejected the discriminative rule in supporting average level Muslims. In rage and hate by dismantling  kingdom he ended up in Balagong Sylhet region.  (Kingdom rise and fall).
Why some Bangladeshi Wisdom lacking Olamas playing unnecessarily with Islam to lower Islam, Muhib Khan writing and singing well, thats good, why his new song with word Khuda to be considered to be Bangladesh National Anthem? Just because Rabindranath Tagore wasn’t Muslim? We have problem in our Iman the faith. I ask would Muhib Khan like to promote his song by dismissing Tagore?  These Pak and Kashmiri region surrounding people played enough with strenght to demolish and devalue higher quality of Bengal etiquettes gradually to last generations level, now Bangladeshis have just began to picking up. Islam was higher and best quality in Bengal per it’s proper and appropriate teaching methods (not Pakistani made up Juallin like and their Khuda.). (I do not use word But, I respect  Pakistani Surname Butt, by respecting I do not allow to be misled).   Wake up Bengalis, No Earth Jannah in Kashmir, A Piece of Jannah, heaven is in Madina. May Allah help Kashmiri and Assam people in stress and help and guide us all, Ameen. Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com