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Logic and Critical thinking – Bias.  Islam humiliated by Muslims bias

Fatema Miah:

In Logic and Critical Thinking Bias comes in. There is confirmation bias which is the assumption must have logical reasoning, and the reasoning must be linking to either (evidence not certainly,) known factor of information with relativity of kind of explanation of knowledge reasoning.
I have always noticed and it is the matter that the main understanding we are talking here about logic; I noted in the past decades and reaffirmed the factors for bias one is mentally incapacitated which is innocent and usually recognised and left aside at least in this decade.  Here freedom of speech is  blocked with race card, equally respect of differences and freedom of will of practice is confronted.
The other one is zeal; which is deliberate often; I have been always victim of this from every direction and communities and there are many facing such.   When people here at sight of someone  feel threat of competition to them and jalousie from his or her  look (in  look; the body language, plainness,  wisdom, tolerance, and pleasantness, and more) they take it as a threat to their exposure of lacking. (More; the qualities not many can see,  those aquire such qualities they  do see and admire.) By  oppressing or being denial Islam is degrade.
To be honest and to be fair I must specify, There worse case is  Muslims due to made a way of view, set words and body language custom always with their tight, resentful and with ready to defeat attitude they kill almost, the noticeable are Pakistanis mainly and Muslims in UK. Politically this has been worse evil Faith ways, it’s just forbidden, so that should matter and people mustn’t brush under the rug, though they do. The 2nd factor fits with everyone else is the intolerance of appearance this one covers all inequality aspects, the look, disability the dress, voice and everything else. Only people with bad and Ill nature do make issues up. I never do and always approach fresh though I  get knock on face  each and every time. I never come up with assumptions Should I question my sanity? No.
Because I belief each time to be fresh and not to assume because assumption is bias. Though the world isn’t to the suit of such level yet. Yes, western world are accused of racism, most people native Western are careful of word use, have we not allowed wrong by word tightening to absolute unnecessary? Pulling Race Card hasn’t control Racism, it’s rather carefully nurtured.  It’s not about knowing, it’s about applying correctly.  Another factor is, word Pakistani they made it an offence, though Pakistanis are the large demography with Muslim identify, the Pakistani won’t refrain from making up assumptive gossips and spreading across from or due to their misunderstanding, not necessarily always deliberate though it happens for certain. What system must be made or social rule must be implaced as community and social education for correct Islamic teaching?
In London was renowned and now seems back again the regional White harbour assumption illogical from the stories though here in Solihull and South Birmingham I personally over and again in continously see the Asians mainly Pakistani Muslims are the category needs to he highlighted to work on. It’s been overlooked, very playful and tactful at the same time though they getting away. How to make them updated when they play tactics and take all the education apply in papers though their zeal is nurtured with all care and support?  Equality isn’t  word restriction, only for  not to say word Pakistan. Oh, is Pakistan only to be uttered to cheer Pakistan?
There they do play collectively. It’s not need to educate them. I have seen the change (some change) with education in Native English at least over past decades in UK. The Pakistanis when they learn those lessons, they use them to their benefit, for instance they vocalise them loud and repeatedly, with tactics and they drew people to their personal use and facilitation. They are worse bias, like a Sufi Muslim Pakistani ethnic brother said, “sister I fail in mending  my own family” he added saying he cries that he cannot change his own family members and  his mother will never change he said. I see those Mother’s are stupid, and not so easy for their children, though they making  no difference in wider diversity matter, neither they are any threat as deception to UKs inclusivity procedure because they aren’t in working sectors.  Worse are those work in sectors; deceptive to system; those tick every category to fit in and moan and use cultural and faith to their advantage and they even deprive or oppress the other same faith beings.
Francis Bacon wrote in confirmation Bias. “The human understanding, when it has once adopted an opinion draws all things, to support and agree with it. And though there be a greater number and weight of instances to be found on the other side, yet these it either neglects and despises or … sets aside and rejects in order that by this great and pernicious predetermination, the authority of its former conclusions may remain inviolate”. (Francis Bacon 1602). This is a half a century old perspective, though cannot be completely dismissed.
The bias comes in, Most of the time, there bias works with reasoning. The reasoning  sometimes  are useful. They allow us to make decisions quickly and efficiently.  Though often, they’re obstacles to effective, logical, and critical thinking. Bias blocks critical thinking and turn off logic. Logic in equality isn’t to oppress truth. Equality must be made clear that it’s not misused or made misunderstood.  Here now  World war 3 about to happen, pakistan is keen to as Muslims jihad against Kuffars over Kashmir issue for Muslims right. Funny, as if Kashmiri  the only Muslims in the world and Pakistani peoples saying are powerful that convince everyone by ignoring and being dismissive to other severe matters.  I am surprised Pakistani, Kashmiri woman, came to uk and work as  social worker in uk only can see racism from English and non Muslims to talk as examples, in the Race and Extremesm awareness  session,  there wasn’t any examples of wrong doings from Birmingham full of Pakistani people those make Muslim demography.  They  made me wrong for mentioning of Pakistani taxi driver caused  idiotic issue, adding after Dave Allsorts raised example issue.  Oh, May  be deliberate bias? aha, also the comprehensive ability of attendees is certainly a huge matter. The Bengali woman said I must  have said equal not Pakistani, very funny, that they to steer the wheel of vehicle off the  radicalisation.  Certainly, the British Muslims recruitment to fight Non-Muslims for Kashmiri on Pakistans call is likely with such made up understanding.
One of the best known is the availability heuristic . We judge the probability of an event by how quickly and easily examples of that event come to mind, by how available they are to us, rather than by identifying all of the alternatives and working out the real probabilities. Though, availability then can be caused by something other than probability, and that might lead us to make poor decisions. The poor decision in social concept is the reason of social injustices. There is  also the factor of Some people are strong in twisting others’ thoughts or injecting their words into their heads this is how collective bias caused.  Here in UK, the language barrier is abused. Word Pakistani made forbidden and made Muslim to be abused, though Pakistanis mentality of sickness is often cases not to be corrected.  These men and women with limited, ( below appropriate literate level, )  in language of any country, here and their native country Bangladesh, in the name of equality are lifted up, it’s good though is it to oppress or demote appropriarity? Yes, certainly make numbers in race card pulling.  Even British Pakistani ethnic people though most are infected,  some are in worse pushed in situation by those.
When it comes to word Pakistani taxi driver not to use when saying about the incident by Pakistani taxi driver, here Indias get offended saying Asian they like  Pakistanis to be specified, and then only Bengalis left to the picture. Pakistani professionals, come from Pakistan and Africa  to uk and work they use word openly and loudly “Bengali people” when criticising unnecessary any little matter. Including in in open talk  session Drs laughed and continued with comment that Bangladesh is cursed with flood and seismic state, for Bengalis sins that women wear sarees.  It seems, English are oppressed with word cautious and Bengali are made to use Muslims in replacement of Pakistanis.
Logic and critical thinking is must lessons with subject Bias, for UK working people, not fair only to push non-Muslims. Islamaphobia is a serious issue. If such Kashmiri Pakistani woman is so good, known for so many years, why saying idiotic of Pakistani taxi driver, she could be easy with? How is she a social worker for peoples benefit with honesty and fairly?  Muslims are at the root of causing phobia to people and traumatising everyone, Muslims and Non Muslims. Who are they? Fatema Miah, Solihull, uk. fatemamiah@mail.com