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The Fallacies are apparent in society and political sphere. 

Fatema Miah:


I couldn’t refrain from recalling fallacies (bias types)  are unignorablly apparentl in society and in the current political affairs.

People studied fallacies in school and A level in English, Fallacies are taught in depth, per Critical Thinking is complementary part of the Qualification that scemed into educational plan  In A Level English.  Logic and wisdom is thoroughly taught to academic  young adults to enhance and sharpen their thought process for them to be able to in appropriate manner,  lead and guide their fellow earthy beings with focus and to be able of clear understandability  of varied and wider aspects of nonsensical, sorite paradoxy and dichotomy  to be able to over come while proceding on.  Apparently, It’s fallacies people are full of , and what would be left in any utterance if fallacies taken away? It will be like reciting Quran then as only instructed conducts.

There are many different types of fallacies of the root bias. All the fallacies are common, specially now a days with this lazy generation with tech, they utter common fallacies knowingly or unknowingly. People with English as the 2nd language and the those in only within ethnic/local/ or within a set per group use fallacies often.  I can’t claim I am free of all fallacies that i dont utrer any at all either.  It’s obstacle (the bias) formed or seatend as;  Some of these obstacles appear to be deep seated psychological tendencies to reason in certain ways. Where Our reasoning is infused with ‘affect’ or emotion. Our positive or negative affective reactions to people, things or ideas arise much more rapidly than our conscious thoughts. Thought, it establishes a framework in which subsequent reflection takes place that is sub-conscious affective response what both ‘frames’ our subsequent cognitive processing, and generates initial hypothesis, also the attitudes which we then tend to give a ‘privileged’ status when considering supporting or challenging evidence.

The world is as such that there is fallacies in 90% of conversation and in dealings I often notice , though it’s so annoying and worse of it causes you to stress. Fallacies of one or other of any kind you will face eve day. Therefore, I mean to say, there is nothing else much left in most conversation except for straight forward instruction taking if no fallacies. It’s fallacies taking lead in making people to cause stress and in it time is wasted often.  About obstacles, those sorts of obstacles are hard to avoid  at least if you’re  relying just on your own cognitive skills, we need systems  like logic  and perhaps institutional practices.

There are formal, popularity to tradition of fallacies. The red herring fallacy is a common in most people of every community that they test your patience.  Most often, this groups of people  with red herring fallacy  are the  twisting masters causing the misleading ongoing confusing situations and be tangled and pulled many others into untrue, elerevent information or utterances.  The Hominem  fallacy is common and emphatically in practice or exercised in political sphere. Politicians would be as faulty if they don’t dismiss opinions or proposals of opponents therefore rejecting oppositions argument with attack is as the norm.  Worse in Asia (India, pakistan, Bangjadesh) Would you level them, the politicians with fallacies?

About Imran Khan Pakistani prime ministers speeche about Kashmir issue I saw fallacies in it.
Strawman and slippery slope fallacies;
Where Imran khan and Pakistan trying to distort and caricature, playing Islam to begin war against India and calling it war for sake of Muslims when there millions of Muslims there in India, thousands would be killed in the war. There China torturing Uyghur minority Muslims systematically and Pakistan Allied with China, and Pakistan  not talking against China’s cruelty towards Uyghur when Imran Khan like strawman fallacy shouting out crying as if he is the Greatest Muslims lover. Also making it a common frame by calling his Kashmir conquering desire a Muslimsms war.

Muslim scholars and world’s leaders must take step to study fallacies types and logic to apply islamic learning and political appropriately  to proceed ahead with appropriaty of faith and political  practice because Islam is logic oriented faith and Quran instruct Wisdom as I wrote before in my some previous articles and the modern politics stance for democracy what is the combination of legitimany, impartiality, diversity and globalism.